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  1. Double Talkin' Jive

    Null vote for me. Honestly, it’s one of my least favorite songs on UYI. Was there ever a reason given for why Izzy sang it on the album while Axl sang it live?
  2. I agree. Technically, he's great. I just find his voice whiny, nasally, and quite frankly, annoying to listen to. It's insufferable to my ears.
  3. Myles Kennedy does enough to negatively impact Slash's solo band every time he opens up his mouth to "sing."
  4. I hope not, because Myles has one of the most annoying singing voices that I’ve ever heard in my entire life.
  5. Axl, for the most part, sounds pretty good to me. Want something to complain about and cringe over? Watch Bon Jovi’s embarrassing performance from their rock and roll hall of fame induction. THIS is bad.
  6. Final thoughts on NITL tour

    Way to make assumptions and jump to conclusions....
  7. There’s a group shot at the end, and I saw Richard in quite a few photos as they flashed by.
  8. It’s their keyboard player who is set up behind the amps. It used to be Russ Irwin, but it’s been a guy named Buck Johnson since 2014. But they do, and have had, a backup vocalist that helps Steven out on the high notes / harmonies.
  9. I’m out. Too much negativity here anymore. It makes reading these threads agonizing. Peace.
  10. There’s so many new bands releasing covers of classic rock songs right now they it’s just really sad. New rock bands can’t even write their own songs, for the most part.
  11. It’s literally blazing up the chart, which doesn’t shock me since the active rock format is just plain awful in this day and age. Radio has been begging for a song like this - it’s the antidote for garbage like Five Finger Death Punch.
  12. The active rock format is struggling for sure, but the Mediabase chart is the industry standard. That’s the one that counts when determining what a hit is on radio. If it goes to #1, which it likely will, it will legitimately be able to be referred to as a #1 hit on rock radio.
  13. It’s up to #6 on the Mediabase rock radio airplay chart this week - AKA the only chart that matters in the industry.
  14. Just got this week’s chart, and Shadow is up to #6 this week! Looks like GNR is going to have a #1 hit in a few weeks!
  15. Shadow is up to #9 this week!