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  1. RIP Malcolm Young

  2. Yep - gonzaloc was his user name. “Wham Bam” and “Blue Eyes Blue” both leaked a while back, and their version of “Painted On My Heart” as well as an early demo of Tyler’s solo song “It Feels So Good” (called “Oxygen”) have been out there for a while as well.
  3. I’ve heard rumors that a “Pandora’s Box 2” collection of rarities will be released some time relatively soon.
  4. Aerosmith has cleared some of their vault out over the last few years: ”Devil’s Got a New Disguise” (Get a Grip outtake) and “Sedona Sunrise” (Pump outtake) on the “Devil’s Got a New Disguise” best of. “Lizard Love” (Get a Grip outtake) on the “Rugrats Go Wild” soundtrack and a lot of the songs on “Music From Another Dimension” were reworked outtakes from as far back as the Pump era. That said, there’s still a TON of stuff from Permanent Vacation” going forward that’s never been heard by anyone, and aside from very short clips on YouTube, have never been heard by anyone outside of the band’s inner circle.
  5. Last full album you listened to?

    The Wildhearts - Must Be Destroyed
  6. Favorite stones album after Tattoo You?

    Voodoo with Bridges right behind it.
  7. If That Ain't Country

    New Keith Urban:
  8. In my case, I can barely afford the nosebleeds. It is what it is, sadly.
  9. Honestly? Because not many people can afford them. It begins and ends there.
  10. To be fair, Louisville is probably the smallest market that they’ve played on this tour. (Not counting Hershey over the Summer.) I’ve driven through Louisville and Lexington many times when driving down to Nashville, and there’s not a whole lot going on in that area!
  11. Please Axl, hire this guy...

    It’s not like he’s selling it for profit or anything.
  12. Please Axl, hire this guy...

    Only complaint (and it’s minor) is that you can see copyright information on one of the scenes very briefly, and the Coachella logos on the screen at a few different points as well - but that’s just my OCD speaking. This is amazing!
  13. The writer refers to Richard as "Rob Fortus." Sounds like a bitter hater to me.
  14. @downzy said exactly that during the last show thread. Stop spamming the thread. @steelestar@BlueJean Baby
  15. Thanks in advance for not cluttering this thread with needless audience taken Instagram photos and embedded Periscope streams!