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Red Dead Redemption 2

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5 hours ago, downzy said:

Finally finished the main story line the other night.  Sat down at 11:00pm thinking I'd play for an hour and go to bed.  Three and a half hours later...

Really loved this game from Chapter 4 onwards.  The second half of the game was definitely a lot more fun and the story really kept me invested.  Shame it all had to end.  

Now on to the epilogue.  

The epilogues are like a whole new game. Been playing for like hours amd my friend said im still at the start

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Finished the epilogue a few days ago and now having fun running around the map completing side-missions and gathering collectibles.  

The game has really grown on me and I don't really want to leave it for another game at present.  I've gotten use to the control issues and might give it another run through at some point.  

I've also dabbled in the online world and not sure yet whether it's something I'll revisit.  It's interesting that other players you meet online generally keep their distance.

Perhaps maybe this will get @Dazey to pick up the game again:


"Amid today’s culture wars, in which neo-Confederates vocally deny the brutality of slavery and Jim Crow, historical video games like Red Dead Redemption 2 don’t have the luxury of being strictly entertainment. Rockstar seems to have realized that sympathy for white nationalism has been trending up among young white men, a key demographic for the gaming industry. With these high stakes in mind, Rockstar is using RDR2 as a kind of virtual classroom, one in which players are taught in 4K about racism in American history and encouraged to take a stand."

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2 hours ago, Wagszilla said:

Slate :lol:



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