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Myles's singing


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in a sense a dumb question, seeing as they have such different voices, but how did myles do? doesnt really have to be a comparison, but like, just a rating more or less. I think he sang well, but just cant do guns n roses songs without axls screech

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He seems like a very nice guy but he does a terrible job at imitating Axl. I just hope they never go on tour covering only Guns songs with a singer like this, it's a fucking catastrophee.

That being said, I don't really see who could have done a decent job at covering Axl tonight, so... Axl should have come.

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Seen Myles live a few times, he's an amazing singer, but there's not one person in the world who can do justice to GNR songs like Axl. It's just not the same. And it's obvious that Axl's voice is the key to GNR. If you heard current GNR but didn't see them, 99% of people would never know the difference. But when it's the other way around, those songs just don't sound the same without Axl, and that's no disrespect to whoever is singing them....

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No need to compare. Nobody can sing like Axl. He did a decent job. :shrugs:. I don't really care about him singing. I was focused on Adler's drums, Slash's guitar and Duff's bass. TRUE Gn'R sound.

To me it's sounds like VR covering GNR with Myles on vocals.

Pretty much this!

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