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What is your pick for best movie of 2013?


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Because it's a great movie, brah. Guessing you didn't care for it as much?

while it's not in my top 3, I agree that it's a really good movie and most people write it off because of the cast and how it was marketed as more of a comedy than it really is.

Hmmm...It's hard to pick the best movie this year but I will list my top 5 I guess, not necessarily in order....

Pacific Rim

Star Trek: into Darkness



The Place Beyond The Pines

Movies that I enjoyed that don't make the top 5...

Thor 2



Evil Dead

Don Jon

Movies that could very well make the top 5, but haven't come out yet...

Into the Furnace

American Hustle

Wolf on Wall Street

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Because it's a great movie, brah. Guessing you didn't care for it as much?

I thought it was pretty cool. If you dig movies with a bodybuilding angle, you should check Generation Iron.

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Inside Llewyn Davis

Before Midnight

Blue Jasmine

American Hustle

Wolf of Wall Street/The Bling Ring

Pain and Gain


20 Feet From Stardom

12 Years a Slave


Dallas Buyers Club

Recommended: The Act of Killing, Blackfish, The Square, Stories We Tell, Wadjda, Don Jon, Prisoners, Enough Said, Captain Phillips, Gravity, Escape From Tomorrow, The Spectacular Now, In a World..., The Way Way Back, I Am Divine, Behind the Candelabra, Bettie Page Reveals All, Birth of the Living Dead, Room 237, The Punk Singer, Is the Man Who Is Tall Happy, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Also recommended (with reservations): The Past, Fruitvale Station, All is Lost, Some Velvet Morning, Frances Ha, Gimme the Loot, Saving Mr Banks, August: Osage County, Now You See Me, Stoker, This is the End, Side Effects, Frozen Ground

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