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Mods... :anger:, what a grievous crime has been committed. The people have spoken - we want MyPJForum, this cover up will not go unnoticed. You will rue the day that OmarBradley's MyPJForum overruns and destroys MyGNRForum!


JK of course, great job with the prank, I think everyone had a lot of fun. One of the coolest forum maneuvers I've ever seen, and I've seen some maneuvers.

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That was beyond awesome, guys! Hope someone at least took some pics for Randy if he didn't see it

I did a handful of screencaps (Including one absolutely hilarious report because of the word filters), gonna post them in the Bust A Gut thread later tonight.

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Kudos for a job well done.

I think I was on the forum when the changeover was made. I remember thinking, why did they change Seen that Movie Too to Low Light, and how do I not know that GNR reference? Then I noticed the other names and I thought: amazing!

In some respects, I think the true April Fool's joke is that you're not keeping it a Pearl Jam fan forum. :P

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Great idea. Well played.

I woke up and saw an e-mail "mypjforum.com Pearl Jam Forum: highvoltage has started a new personal conversation with you" couldn't do nothing but laugh. It would have fooled me but not being the only forum I visit, jokes started sooner. :lol:

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