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Adler Playing UYI Tracks (Rare)

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terrific stuff


off subject, i am always amazed to notice how some (a lot?) of you guys have somewhat little knowledge of terrific unreleased GNR recordings (like this one)

back in the day, pre internet, some of us would spend weeks (and months and years) and lots of dollars to dig the gold and get a hold of these unreleased recordings

i remember when a girl told me she had a friend that had a tape with some guns n roses songs that were not on any album and she just couldnt care less about it, but I forced this girl to force her friend to make a tape of those songs to mead i couldnt believe when she gave the tape and there were all these songs crash diet, bring it back home, sentimental movie etc etc and i was literally the only person that i knew that had those songs

when napster arrived, i literally spent months (very slow speed connection then) making sure that i would get my hands on every unreleased GNR recording that i could get

now it is all out there

easy to grab

which is great!


go get them, you wont be disappointed


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