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ABBA Releases 2 new songs, announces 10-song album


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"Don't Shut Me Down" is IMO the stronger of the two songs. It'll be interesting what else will be on the album.

It might be the age, but I feel their voices don't harmonize that good anymore even though they are noticably edited/autotuned. Also you can tell they haven't spoken that much English in the past 40 years.

But in all honesty? It's amazing that they're back. The songs are both good and most importantly fun, so I have no real complaints. And I don't think it will harm their legacy - it will be the cherry on top. Keep them coming, ABBA. Oh, and welcome back!

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Listened to these a few times today, really grown on me. Love ABBA, spent more than four hours in the ABBA Museum when I was in Stockholm to see GNR :P Still, think I'll pass on the hologram tour, but they'll almost certainly sell out anyway.

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