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July 14, 2006 - Bilbao Live Festival, Bilbao, Spain

Notes: They came on at 23.20, an hour and twenty minutes late. The band starts playing Aerosmith's "Mama Kin" but they stop after a few seconds just before Live and Let Die. The show finished at 1.35, after playing for two hours and 15 minutes. For Dizzy's solo, he covered David Bowie's song "Spiders from Mars". Ron jammed on 'Don't Cry' during his solo. 'You Have To Move' is a classic blues cover. Izzy joins that band for that, Think About You, Patience and Nightrain, and finally Paradise City.

Ec4p-Jc-RXo-AEn-Nak.jpg   Ec4p-Jkt-Ws-AIAJEG.jpg20060714magazinead.jpg

July 14, 2007 - Chiba, Japan (Night 1)

Notes: Axl says something like: "We're a little confused about what to do right now, because we don't usually do this." Bumblefoot comes out and solos. He starts into Don't Cry as Axl comes up behind him, crowd goes nuts. Axl gives a "hold it there sign to BBF" and busts out "Talk to me softy..." He did the the whole song with Frank joining in later on (first time since 1993)!!!!


July 14, 2013 - Montreal, Canada


July 14, 2016 - Philadelphia, PA

Notes: Sorry - tour debut (1st time with Slash and Duff)


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July 16, 1991 - Tacoma, WA (Night 1)

Notes: Axl says this is the best indoor crowd he's ever seen and that the fans at the previous show in Salt Lake City sucked. Axl holds up a 'Fuck the St. Louis Police Department' banner that the Tacoma Police Department gave the band! The show is stopped temporarily after 'Rocket Queen' because a fan threw something onstage. Axl stage dives after Paradise City, then takes his microphone and "thanks the hooray for tolerance! who tried to take his pants off"!


July 16, 1993 - Buenos Aires, Argentina (Night 1)

Notes: This show was broadcast on Argentine radio.


July 16, 2016 - Toronto, Canada

Notes: The only Canadian show on this leg of the tour.


July 16, 2018 - Talinn, Estonia

Notes: The first ever Guns N' Roses show in Estonia.


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*I added the Toronto show (July 15, 2013) that I somehow skipped.

July 17, 1988 - Poplar Creek Music Theatre, Hoffman Estates, IL

Notes: Axl says that this is the tour they've been wanting to play for 10 years. Steven is introduced as "the best drummer in our band!" Axl gets into a fight with someone during 'Sweet Child O' Mine,' causing him to miss some lines.


July 17, 1991 - Tacoma, WA (Night 2)


July 17, 1992 - Washington, DC

Notes: First show of the GN'R/Metallica stadium tour. Great rant on St. Louis by Axl before 'Live And Let Die.' Axl sings the last '…couldn't drag me away' in 'Wild Horses' the same way he sings at the end of 'Don't Cry.'


July 17, 1993 - Buenos Aires, Argentina (Night 2)

Notes: GN'R's last show on the UYI tour! This is also the last show with the 'old' lineup, which included Slash & Duff. This show was broadcast on Argentine TV & radio, although the TV broadcast was incomplete. A complete broadcast was later shown on Uruguayan TV. Axl speaks to the crowd via an interpreter before 'Welcome To The Jungle.' The band jams on 'Train Kept A Rollin'' during 'Double Talkin' Jive.' At times the announcers speak over songs and some songs are cut in or out. A pizza is delivered onstage after 'You're Crazy' by a friend of the band dressed in a Dominos Pizza uniform. Axl does a weird dance with the delivery guy and then throws the pizza in the crowd. The delivery guy then plays bongos on 'Used To Love Her.' Axl jams on the drums during 'Pinball Wizard.' The band jams on The Beatles' classic 'Let It Be' during Slash's guitar solo.

July 17, 2007 - Nagoya, Japan

Notes:  Some superfunky pitman synth on 'Knockin' On Heaven's Door,' Axl introduces Frank Ferrer as "Frank... who is a legend and a half", Axl jumps on the piano during the jam before November Rain, Axl after NR "someone told me not to use so much kleenex... but, is that a bad thing???", the band does Don't Cry for 3rd time in a row with Axl, Ron, Dizzy, Frank and Chris, during the break in November Rain at the end before ron's solo axl started playing the piano and either fucked up or started to play a new song, the band cracked up laughing... At the end of the gig Axl says "everyone better hurry the fuck to the trains..."


July 17, 2012 - Split, Croatia



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*  I added the Washington, DC (1992) show in yesterday's post. 1st show of the GNR/Metallica Tour.

July 18, 1992 - Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ

Notes:  Before 'Live And Let Die,' Axl apologizes to the crowd for the technical difficulties that resulted in GN'R starting late. 'Double Talkin' Jive' is dedicated to the Presidential candidates. Gilby plays a little bit of 'Brown Sugar' before 'Wild Horses.' Axl does a hilarious Izzy impression during introductions. Slash starts 'Paradise City' after 'Estranged' but stops after a few chords and Gilby starts of 'Don't Cry.'


July 18, 2006 - Sheffield, England


July 18, 2007 - Tokyo, Japan


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July 19, 1988 - Richfield, OH

Notes: Before 'Move To The City,' Axl says they will be releasing that song on an upcoming EP.


July 19, 1991 - Mountain View, CA (Night 1)

Notes: Axl mentions that '14 Years' is a tribute to how long Axl & Izzy have been working together. Probably the first live performance of 'Locomotive.'


July 19, 2006 - Newcastle, England

Notes: During Nightrain, someone threw something at Axl which caused him to take the band off stage, ending.


July 19, 2016 - Foxborough, MA (Night 1)


July 19, 2018 - Oslo, Norway



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July 20, 1985 - Troubadour, Hollywood, CA


July 20, 1988 - Wheeling, WV

July 20, 1991 - Mountain View, CA (Night 2)

Notes: As in the St. Louis 7.2.91 show, Axl mentions how 'You Could Be Mine' was written before AFD was recorded. 'Sweet Child O' Mine' is stopped because fans are throwing things onstage. Axl does a rastaman impression during 'Knockin' On Heaven's Door.'


July 20, 2012 - Costa de Fuego festival, Benicàssim, Spain

E6x-KAum-WYAIF4s-H.jpgE6x-KDt-FWQAIO-9-L.jpgE6x-KH0u-WQAQ8vwv.jpgaxl02.jpg7643743168-eb0605d37c-o.jpg 7643742324-2dd1b80b50-o.jpg  7643742720-449bf2aa94-o.jpg7643742986-2b567b649e-o.jpg7643742528-b2c04490c1-o.jpg

July 20, 2016 - Foxborough, MA (Night 2)


July 20, 2017 - Apollo Theater, New York City, NY

Notes: This was a special live event for SiriusXM subscribers and celebrated the 30 year anniversary of Appetite for Destruction.


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July 21, 1986 - frat party, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA


July 21, 1986 - Bogart's, Long Beach, CA


July 21, 1987 - "Appetite For Destruction" is released in the US by Geffen Records. The record was produced by Mike Clink who had been working with Ozzy Osbourne and Heart. The cover art featured a painting by Robert Williams which got censored.


July 21, 1989 or July 22, 1989 - The Loft, New York, NY

Notes: Axl & Izzy jam with some members of The Cult - Ian Astbury, Jamie Stewart & future GN'R drummer Matt Sorum. From around 4 a.m. till 8 a.m., playing Aerosmith, Stones & Black Sabbath covers!


July 21, 1992 - Pontiac, MI

Notes: Once again 'Double Talkin' Jive' is dedicated to all the Presidential candidates. After 'Wild Horses,' Axl apologizes to the Michigan fans for the cancellation of two shows three months before. Axl throws up at the end of 'You Could Be Mine' and leaves the stage. He feels sorry for the poor performance and the band plays the song in full again!!


July 21, 2006 - Glasgow, Scotland

Notes: GN'R hit the stage at 10pm and played a two and a half hour set, Axl was in good spirits, cracking jokes with the Scottish audience and also mentioning he is half Scottish. Before 'Out Ta Get Me' Axl rants about his arrest in Sweden a few weeks back and dedicates the song to the Swedish police. During Robin's solo, Axl asks him, "Can you play the fucking guitar?" Robin then breaks into 'Sweet Child O' Mine.' Izzy also joins the band on stage for a few songs. The show ends at 12:45am.


July 21, 2007 - Osaka, Japan

Notes: Last show with Robin Finck!


July 21, 2018 - Gothenburg, Sweden


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1 hour ago, Dean said:

Fuck! That show in Sweden was the last GNR show I was at. It's the best version of Slither I've heard - I could have shown you the very video I recorded but....it no longer exists.

I listened now to Slither from this show and it sounds really good. Slither is such a good song.

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July 22, 1988 - Cape Girardeau, MO

July 22, 1992 - Indianapolis, IN

Notes: Axl returns to Indiana… again! Special guest performance by Shannon Hoon of Blind Melon.


July 22, 2007 - club, Osaka, Japan

Setlist: Liquor & Whores, Whole Lotta Love, Whole Lotta Rosie, Nice Boys, Patience, Knockin' On Heaven's Door, I Want You To Want Me, Strutter, It's Not Unusual, Used To Love Her, Beautiful, Angie, The Blues (partial)

Notes: After the Osaka show, Axl, Tommy, Bumblefoot, Frank, Bubbles and Takayoshi Azuma jam to some songs in a small club. The setlist is not in sequential order and may not be complete. At first, everybody was waiting for the guitar and bass to arrive so there was only piano and drums. 'Liquor & Whores' featured Bumble and Yakayoshi together on piano with Bubbles and Axl singing, Frank on drums. Then the guitars arrived and Tommy played bass on a couple of numbers before Bubbles took over. Axl sang 'It's Not Unusual' (by Tom Jones) with Bumblefoot. Bumblefoot sang 'Beautiful' and 'Angie' while announcing it like a lounge singer "Everybody, put your hands in the air for Mr. Richard Fortus!" 'Used To Love Her' was played along with 'Knockin' On Heaven's Door,' 'I Want You To Want Me' (Cheap Trick) and 'Strutter' (Kiss). The last three (or four?) featured Bumblefoot on vocals. Then Axl sang 'Whole Lotta Rosie' (AC/DC) and it turned into a long trippy jam.

July 22, 2012 - Saint-Tropez, France

Notes: The band flies to Saint-Tropez (July, 21), France to play a private show. In the early hours of July 22nd, GN'R plays a surprise acoustic show in St. Tropez, France. Izzy Stradlin is a special guest.


July 22, 2012 - Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Notes: The 2012 summer tour ends with a show in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. The band has started the day by playing a private show in France, and ends it with a show in Palma. Special guest appearance by Izzy Stradlin on several songs.



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July 23, 1965 - SLASH was born ! 


July 23, 1991 - Sacramento, CA

July 23, 2006 - Manchester, UK

Notes:  Just before 'I.R.S.,' Axl said Richard had been doing a lot of work in the last 2 days and has hardly slept, and then said 'Yes well I've worked hard too. She was a good girl!' Izzy joins the band on Think About You, Patience, Nightrain and Paradise City. Ron jams on his guitar whilst the piano is brought on stage. Ron's amp was playing up during his Don't Cry solo. Izzy had to turn up his amp durring Think About You. Izzy had to again, go over and turn up his amp durring Nightrain solo.


July 23, 2016 - Metlife Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ (Night 1)


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