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NIN: The Official Nine Inch Nails Worship Thread

Black Sabbath

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sure is 2004 in here

sure is fuck you i'm a mod now in here

Did I really say that? I love NIN.

I opened the thread, saw it and laughed really hard. Post of 2010.

NIN are good, liked them a lot back in high school. Been a long time since I've spent much time listening to them though, probably not since Year Zero dropped to be honest.

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Trent Reznor: Nine Inch Nails Working on New Music, Possible Tour

In early 2009, Trent Reznor announced that Nine Inch Nails were embarking on a 20th anniversary farewell tour, and the band wrapped the year playing intimate venues like New York's Bowery Ballroom and L.A.'s Wiltern Theatre. "I've been thinking for some time now it's time to make NIN disappear for a while," he said. "After some thought, we decided to book a last run of shows across the globe this year."

Since then, Reznor has stayed busy recording with his new band, How to Destroy Angels, writing music for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and scoring The Social Network and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo with composer Atticus Ross. "It's really been an unexpected, weird ride," Reznor tells Rolling Stone. "I'm grateful to have the opportunity to work. I'm just trying to approach things with integrity and try to find things that are interesting to me."

But Nine Inch Nails fans can now rejoice: Reznor tells Rolling Stone that the band is working on new material. In an interview surrounding Black Ops 2, Reznor was asked about the likelihood of new NIN music. "All signs point to yes," he said. Pressed further, he added, "Yeah, there will be new music. There are some things in the works."

Those "things" could also include live performing again. "Yeah, if it feels right, it's a possibility," he says. "I never said that that wasn't going to happen, just that it couldn't go on as it was. Having a few years doing other things, I've enjoyed [them] and I'm enjoying doing How to Destroy Angels, and there will be a place for stuff that falls in the Nine Inch Nails column of things. It's a different kind of work.

"Stay tuned," he adds. "We'll see what happens here."

First, fans can look forward to new music from How to Destroy Angels, Reznor's band with his wife, Mariqueen Maandig, and Ross. The band will release An Omen EP on November 13th, and Reznor promises a full-length record soon. "It's coming out sometime Quarter One of next year," he says. "Music videos will start to creep out pretty soon. You'll hear about some live performances coming up. That's going to happen next year. We're just trying to have fun and try to give it its best shot for people to actually check it out. And that was one of the main reasons we decided to sign with Columbia."

Reznor says to expect a different sound from their 2010 debut EP. "I just listened to it a few weeks ago for the first time in quite a while. Not to pat my own back, but it sounded better than I remembered it sounding . . . What we've done since then is we've really been working on this record in the background, behind Social Network and Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. We've found a cohesion that's not as easily identifiable as the things that made it. It feels like we understand more about what this project is that separates it from various other things that we're up to."

Read more: http://www.rollingst...7#ixzz2BaTnZi4n

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I ordered a copy of this finally and got it in the mail today and it's awesome. I might even like it more than Beside You In Time.

Did you get the single disc version?

I don't know much about this..is this like a highlights version of a 3 disc release?

And it is an actual Blu-ray, or a blu-ray recordable disc burned on a computer?

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Single disc is the only version available. I was confused as to what it is exactly, but I don't think it's a compilation? I'm not sure. Either way, it's awesome. Definitely recommended for $10.

And the whole thing is very professionally done, so I think it's an actual blu ray. I'd it's a BD recordable disc, you would never know.

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I used to love them, but I can only stand a handful of songs anymore. TDS is still badass though, apart from Closer.

There's a homeless guy who's sort of a friend that likes to come up to my work and talk to me. He loves NIN. He started playing Heresy and said "Here's a song that'll piss off Christians." I laughed at him and told him I was a Christian but the song doesn't bother me. He was speechless. :lol:

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Eric Avery quit today.


"I know. It's been a tough call and I don't know if it's the right one. But I really want to focus on my musical life here in Los Angeles, on film work in particular. As the tour dates kept growing… I just got overwhelmed.

"I just got home from a year of heavy travel with GARBAGE, [and] the idea of leaving town for another year and a half, and with all the intensity that NAILS demands… Fortunately, my friend Trent understands all this and appreciated my pulling the plug now instead of deep into 2013 and 14.

"Go get 'em, gentlemen."

Edited by Silent Jay
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