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So what is your opinion on the new logo revealed for the UK leg advert?


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Do we know for sure it's official?

It is official yes

Did DJ design it?

I don't have that answer, sorry.

Do you like it? I think DJ is a really nice guy, but I'm not a fan of his design style.

I don't "love it" but it is alright IMO

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To be honest it's not my favourite logo by any means, looks very standard and could be any bands logo in that font. I also think it's a definite change in direction in terms of the Chinese Democracy era, and I think Axl is going for a classic rock direction. This logo reminds of a band like Thin Lizzy, and I much prefer the over the top, mystical logos of 2001-02-06-07.

I don't think this logo has any danger to it, like the previous one, it seems MUCH more calmed down.

Just my view, but yes I agree......if it means a nod into the direction of a new album, I'll take it. ;)

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Well, since they're not using chinese stilished letters anymore, I would guess that this means CD is something from the past now and we're moving on. Good news? :shrugs:

Considering that those letters look like a vintage band logo, I take that Gn'R want to relate themselves to more traditional rock this time. Perhaps, to prepare ground for a new straight forward rock album... aw, man... I wish Gn'R would keep their experimental side from CD. I don't want a straight forward classic rock album :(

Of course, I've seen this kind of letter on ethereal/ dark albums/ bands (Jar Of Flies by Alice In Chains). I would love an album like that :)

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