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"10 Essential GN'R Songs"

The Real McCoy

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It's hard to pick just ten songs especially which Illusions songs to pick but this is a great, yet sort of obvious, list. I'd drop live and let die for Estranged, Coma, or Locomotive but I get why it was picked. Cool to see Better slip in there as well.

EDIT: Ya Robin played the main solo which we all know, whatever...

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It's kinda lame seeing LALD on the list considering they didn't write it, but they did really make that song their own. There are so many better choices from UYI 1&2 I would have picked before a cover song. Oh well. You can't really argue with the rest.

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Great to see 'Better' on there, but I'd replace 'Live and Let Die' with 'Estranged' in a heartbeat.

casual rock fan = LALD

hardcore GNR fan = Estranged


what about Don't Cry?

+1. They totally forgot "Don't Cry" but with Gn'R you need more than a top-10.

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Horrible list.. And about Better.. I know there are alot of people here that are happy about but there is no way it is in the top 10 GnR songs.

Songs they had to include:


Sweet Child




November Rain

Most would say Civil War

That's 7 obligatory picks, how is that a bad list? One token new song "just because" and the other two are the only questionable picks (UTLH and LALD)

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