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Sebastian Bach's "wedding extravaganza"! Potential for an Axl sighting?

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I though baz was married? How many weddings is this for him now?

I think it's only the second one. He was married to Maria for a long time and has two boys with her, but they recently got divorced. I think this is the g/f that was in the audience on That Metal Show.

Bach and Axl have been friends for a long time, so hopefully he will show up. But then again, if Bach is selling tickets to his wedding, he might not want to take the attention from the bride and groom.

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Tickets to the public for a wedding? What the hell?

And I don't know if they talk anymore. There hasn't been any indication that they do since like 2010

Omg this looks trashy

Axl did send him a one of the Platinum Chinese records this year. And Baz guest appeared at a show or two in 2012. Im sure they still talk, Baz prob has learned to keep his mouth shut in the press about it now compared to a few years back ha. Edited by ChineseIRS
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