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Should the forum filter DJ Ashba's name?


Filter DJ Ashba?  

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how about just WANKER...but in like bold capitals, WANKER...wanker, wankstain, cockbag, tossbag, dickhead, nobber, poof, bender, fairy, queen, cockstain, any of these'd fit.

The more i think about it the more shocking it is that Ashba left. I mean to yous lot not old enough to've been around when there was a GnR in certain circles they were considered a pretty badman type band...actually, even I'm too young to remember 1987 and too geographically remote from America to REALLY be aware of a time when they were cool but anyway, shut up, point being this band used to be cool once right? Like something perhaps a young no talent poof like Ashba would consider equal to some kind of lottery win to end up a member of, how fuckin' pants must they be if even people like Ashba are mugging them off?

It's starting to dawn on me that the reason they ended up hiring such an enormous dick was cuz no other musician with an ounce of integrity would actually want to be in what is currently known as GnR. I can't imagine the moneys THAT good still, how can you afford to just keep people on a wage doing fuck all work for fuck all profit and recouping fuck all? So hey, y'know, heres a few grand a month for which you've got to be Axl Roses stroker for...uh...indefinitely, it ain't worth your fuckin' dignity I suppose. You'd have to have really little ambition and/or regard for your own talent and potential to just decide to get paid to sit at Axl Roses feet for the rest of your fuckin' life, what mug would go for that?

*cough Dizzy Reed :lol: Who, no offence but was a fuckin' tramp before he met Axl Rose, it's not like he had better offers, I mean his interminable skill and ambition had led him to sleeping in a fucking skip up until that point :lol:

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Though I proposed a few filters, I ultimately voted no.

Seems to me DJ joining got the band on the road for the great '09 / '10 tour that finally focused heavily on CD material, and was the only promotion after the album release.

Not a fan of the man because of his phoned in behavior (look at me, I'm a rock star) but I credit him for enabling the tour and trying his best to promote the band (including his fan-friendly attitude and referecing CD on his own media properties etc.).

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