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A List of my Favorite CubanSkies Dummy Lists

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10 hours ago, Jwalker19 said:

1. All "90" Chinese Democracy songs

2. Your perfect setLIST

3. "GNFNR" new album coming

4. Building your own Greatest Hits album

5. List time GNR has played...

6. Holy grails in Axl's vault

7. Your own CD era compilation

8. On the road to Chinese Democracy

List below what your favorite lists of his are!

Thread of the year, no bullshit. I literally laughed out loud. 

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The first list I remember being aware of was the one about "last time played", and I will whole-heartedly admit I actually found it informative and fun. Everything else was, to be diplomatic, unnecessary and speculative. That being said, I have gotten amusement out of the fact that @CubanSkies Dummy seems to have lost complete track of of how much of his persona on this board remains a joke, and how much has become serious. He resembles a method actor who lost complete knowledge of when he is out of character or in character. 

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