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Hell no- $45 for a T-shirt?. Stick it up your Axlhole. My friend offered to buy a pair of GN'R tickets for my birthday - I declined. I heard all their new songs 10 years ago, and have better T-shirts i bought 25 years ago.



If there was a GN'R scented candle involved I might be interested.............just sayin

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2 minutes ago, Blake Sabbath said:

Any of you guys got an inkling on what the "theme" will be the KC merch and litho? Detroit was motor-themed, DC was a bank note so what's Kansas famous for? 

The Wizard of Oz. At least to me it is.

(just done some googling and it might be a different Kansas that's referred to :lol:)

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Just now, Fitha_whiskey said:

I don't see any of the city specific items on this link. The city, yes, but it's just the general tour stuff.

Yeah I guess Cuz they're keeping that as a surprise. But it gives you better over view of all the other merch items compared to pics from the stands 

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1 hour ago, axlrosefan4life said:

Are they selling nfl themed jerseys at the shows? 

I know what you're referring to (I think): The "GNFNR" jersey from the DC Show. The show was where the redskins play, and it looked to be a repurposed RGIII Jersey (remove some letters and it'll read GNFNR). I'd totally buy a Giants one at MetLife, it's a good merch opportunity  


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Quick question. I was at the show last night in DC and I remember seeing a smaller merch tent on the field towards the back of the stadium. Did anyone see (as well as Detroit) if those tents sold the show lithograph poster? I know they're numbered to 500 and I didn't know if they carried them. 

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