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4 hours ago, Black Sabbath said:


Wow, that's fucked, lol.

I was tempted to buy one, but not for $500 + exchange rate and shipping. $350 is still a bit steep, but at least considerable. Too bad they will likely be gone by the time GNR gets down here to Australia. :max:

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For some reason it won't let the pics from my phone attach to this post. I'll try on my desktop when I get home. It's a very nice jacket, but the largest it comes is XL. I'm 6'3'' and wear xl in shirts but usually xxl in jackets. This one has plenty of room, but is a tad short for me. 

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Also, repost from user Easy from the Detroit and Chicago gig threads re tour merch:

"A forewarning for fellow forum members attending future shows that I haven't seen posted in this thread yet.   The damn city specific tour t shirts were sold out (L, XL, XXL) before AiC even started their set.  And Yes, all 3(?) designs!  I wanted a Detroit skull & top hat tour shirt -- all they had left by the time AiC took the stage were S & M sizes (and we wasted prolly 25 minutes waiting in line at the main merch stand).  So, word to the wise -- if you want a city-specific tour shirt, plan on getting there very early before the show, or even better yet, the day before and buy it from the trailer parked outside.  This is probably my only disappointment of the night... and I walked the entire concourse hitting every merch stand trying to find the shirt -- no dice."

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20 minutes ago, Blake Sabbath said:

Are they numbered and manufactured by the same designer as the ones on the website and that select F&F received?

Yes, it has the Philip Ayler tag on the inside and has a small limited edition patch just inside the zipper on the inside bottom numbered out of 1000. 

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The only thing I am interested in is a 2016 GNR tourbook and it appears it doesn't exist.

The merchandise prices are not fan friendly!

You could order the XAVEL SMS Las Vegas: Double Shot IEM+AUD matrix factory pressed 4CD/2DVD bootleg set directly from Japan for the same price as 3 cheaply made GNR 2016 tour T-Shirts.


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