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Happy 150th Anniversary Canada!


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Sure, call me bias, but I figured Canada, one of the best countries on the planet, celebrating its 150th anniversary as a sovereign country deserves celebrating. 

Here's to all the things that make Canada great as it celebrates 150!

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1 hour ago, RussTCB said:

Happy 150th Canada! You don't look a day over 100!


Also.... thank you for letting me drink legally when I was 19 instead of having to wait until I was 21. That was kind of you.

This!!! So many great trips into Canada when I was 18-21 and in college in northern NY! No passport needed, just tell the border guards we're coming in for some beer! If I recall, the law was each person could possess 2 cases. I remember once we took like 8 dudes in a van to stock up for a rager. We did have some delay at the border that day, but it was all good eventually!

And then there was Montreal... :lol:

Happy Canada Day, Canucks!

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Youre all welcome for the beer and peep shows!  Come back next year for the weed!

So, at the big Canada celebrations people like to wear red and white.  Red more, Id say.  And a baseball cap works well.  So, yeah, it looked like huge a Trump rally!!!!  AHHHHHHHH !!!!

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figuring now is as good a time as any to delve into the depths of the canadian language, here is one for you.


Taught to me by a native canadian shaman, a quiff is a Canadian cunt. NOT to be confused with quief which is a pussy fart.
"OMG she is SUCH a fucking QUIFF !!!!!!!"
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