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SLASH to release boxset

My Name is Trinity

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Eagle Rock Records will be releasing a limited edition run of deluxe packages in the UK and Europe on December 3rd 2012. Although this is being released in the UK/European market only, a small quantity of imports will be made available at slashonline.com as well while supplies last.

The package features the “Made In Stoke 24/07/11” DVD, a single CD edit of the same show, the “Apocalyptic Love” studio album, and the previously unreleased DVD of “Live From New York” – all packaged inside the cover of a 60 page hardback book filled with stunning photographs, many of them previously unseen. (See below for full track listings of DVD’s and CD’s).

Pre-orders for this set will begin next week in the UK and Europe at all major retailers. Check your local retailers for updates. Slashonline import order information will be made avail soon, check back for updates.

the set:




DISC ONE:Made In Stoke 24/07/11 DVD

1) Been There Lately 2) Nightrain 3) Ghost 4) Mean Bone 5) Back From Cali 6) Rocket Queen 7) Civil War 8) Nothing To Say 9) Starlight 10) Promise 11) Doctor Alibi 12) Speed Parade 13) Watch This 14) Beggars & Hangers On 15) Patience 16) Godfather Solo 17) Sweet Child O’ Mine 18) Slither 19) By The Sword 20) Mr Brownstone 21) Paradise City

Bonus Features: Interviews with Slash, Myles Kennedy and Uncle Ian

DISC TWO:Made In Stoke 24/07/11 CD

1) Been There Lately 2) Ghost 3) Mean Bone 4) Back From Cali 5) Starlight 6) Promise 7) Doctor Alibi 8) Speed Parade 9) Watch This 10) Patience 11) Sweet Child O’Mine 12) Slither 13) By The Sword 14) Paradise City

DISC THREE:Apocalyptic Love CD

1) Apocalyptic Love 2) One Last Thrill 3) Standing In the Sun 4) You’re A Lie 5) No More Heroes 6) Halo 7) We Will Roam 8) Anastasia 9) Not For Me 10) Bad Rain 11) Hard & Fast 12) Far And Away 13) Shots Fired

DISC FOUR:Live From New York DVD

1) Mean Bone 2) Dirty Little Thing 3) Nightrain 4) One Last Thrill 5) Back From Cali 6) Ghost 7) Standing In The Sun 8) Rocket Queen 9) Doctor Alibi 10) Speed Parade 11) Apocalyptic Love 12) Watch This 13) Starlight 14) Just Like Anything 15) Halo 16) You’re A Lie 17) Sweet Child O’ Mine 18) Slither 19) By The Sword 20) Paradise City


Kinda disappointed, we all already own made in stoke and apocalyptic love :thumbsdown:

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The live from New York thing is cool but that doesn't justify the other previously released DVD's in the set.

Looks like it is a cool box set also. I would love to buy it if I find it at a $10 bargain. I was at the New York show so its cool to brag that one of the shows I was at is now officially released :takethat: . Wonder if it'll be better quality or anything different than what was shown on the livestream. Doubt it. Also, I wonder why the Apocalyptic Love on here doesn't at least include the bonus tracks lol.

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