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What new songs have you experienced live?


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Sidestepping the current issue with Vegas containing very similar set lists..

In recent years only a handful from Chinese were played every night, each year some got dropped and others remained staples.

I remember in 06', I was the only one going nuts to I.R.S :lol: was equally happy to get Madagascar for the first time earlier this year, too.

Better: 2

Chinese Democracy: 1

I.R.S: 1

Madagascar: 1

Street of Dreams: 2

Sorry: 1

This I Love:1

I would've loved to see Axl attack Shackler's in 10'.

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Chinese Democracy

Shackler's Revenge


Street Of Dreams




This I Love

I'm not going to bother looking up how many times. I got to see the only Scraped of 2011 (and the latest one) so that was cool.

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I wonder if instead of playing the same 7 songs they play now, they played the other 7 songs on the album. Would we be as desperate to hear Better, TIL, live etc?

If I could pick seven to be played at every show (assuming Axl sounds good, so complete fantasy)

Oh My God (Shackler's Revenge if OMG doesn't count)


If the World

There Was a Time

Catcher in the Rye


This I Love

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Chinese Democracy - 4 (2010, 2012x3)

Shackler's Revenge - 2 (2010, 2012)

Better - 5 (2006, 2010, 2012x3)

Street of Dreams - 5 (2006, 2010, 2012x3)

Sorry - 4 (2010, 2012x3)

IRS - 2 (2006, 2010)

Madagascar - 5 (2006, 2010, 2012x3)

This I Love - 4 (2010, 2012x3)

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