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Unofficial GNR Social Media Update / Discussion

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3 hours ago, charliehoodger said:

So how do the numbers work out with ?  1 million tickets sold, so how much did the tour make as a whole, what was the average ticket price they used to decipher it all, etc...I'm just being dorky but I like reassurance that GNR is the biggest band in the wolrd again lol

GN'R's being paid $3mil per show regardless of ticket sales. So do the math there :P

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I like Bumble he's seems like a genuine guy,, the interview was really awkward when he's asked about his GNR time and he's trying really hard not to speak out of turn. All in all sounds  like he went through a rough time, hope he's in a happier place.

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6 hours ago, AxlsFavoriteRose said:

ok i don't know how to post a Twitter video here but i just saw one on my timeline where Blake Shelton says he likes to listen to GN'R sometimes before he goes on stage! and AC/DC! just a small tidbit but i thought it was cool :)

He gains points with me for that! 

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18 minutes ago, Silent Jay said:

Axl/DC reference at 4:07


That's pretty fuckin entertaining. He'd be a fun dude to hang out with, catch a buzz & listen to some tunes with. I gotta say though- he looks like one of those older chicks you knew, who were hot when you were young, but now are on about their 20th live in boyfriend, sitting outside the trailer, smoking a menthol 100, waiting for her daughter to pick her up in the '89 Grand Am and take her to Walmart...

But my favorite part was the end! I also had that fuckin K-Tel Convoy album when I was about 8. My dad was a trucker when I was a kid and I loved all trucking music & anything CB radio related. Fuckin A- I'd have been as excited as he was to see it...

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