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5 hours ago, Pedrolg said:

Duff is an exercise freak. Axl and Slash are old dudes, they surely work out. This is what old dudes look when they work out, really.

Slash almost died in the past, who knows how much his heart can handle these days after so many years of abuse. I'm sure that a man with his past has a list of things he has to do to remain healthy at this age, and he most likely does them. Who knows how much exercise is clinically recommended to him currently. 

Axl has a beer gut but his arms look strong, and he has tremendous mobility and agility for a dude his age, specially one that broke his foot just months ago. To do what he does every 3 days and not cripple yourself requires muscle mass, and the only way to build muscle mass for a 54 year old is to put in quite a bit of work. Axl is also a cardio machine, 3 days ago he was running from one side of the stage to the other, while singing with full rasp, on one of the last songs of one of the last shows of a tour.

The self appointed weight watchers on this forum seriously need to fuck off already.

I read once - and that is already many many years ago - that Slash does jogging, he hates it but it's doctors order and he has to do it. Not sure how healthy he is right now with his heart, etc ... but for his age he looks good. People are way overreacting calling them fat as if both weight 300 pounds each *lol*

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On 8/8/2016 at 10:07 AM, Archtop said:

hasn't eddie just lost his TV show? I'm in the UK so don't really know who he is, if he did get an interview would it be radio? If an interview is going to happen would it not make sense to have it on a mainstream network?

last i heard they're shopping around for a new network...

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