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AC/DC 2024 tour rumours


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AC/DC Portugal's YouTube channel has a fantastic edit of Donington that uses as much of the original audio as possible (from various sources). It's definitely the version I'd recommend these days. As time goes on, I find I really can't stand the overdubs that are all over the concert. I get the things they had to fix (ie. Brian completely missing the second Hells Bells verse or Angus' total botch of the Thunderstruck solo), but the overall DVD just feels so sterile. That tour deserved better. To date I still think the cleanest release is the Stiff Upper Lip Live DVD even though it's far from Brian's best vocals.

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A little insight on Phil’s situation and a possible explanation for his PT absence. Really sad story, I hope he’ll stay strong both physically and mentally through all this, so he’ll be back on stage in summer 

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1 minute ago, Blackstar said:

yes that's already confirmed. munich on june 12th (and probably 14th).

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6 minutes ago, K00b4 said:

Someone posted something on an AC/DC forum a while ago about a Munchen Olympiapark 'secret' announcement pointing at tommorow, possibly hinting at the band in the comments.
It's happening. 

I think that one is referring to another event there unfortunately. But the video ACDC posted on their YouTube plus the fact the admin of a forum told people to "brace" leads me to believe it might be tomorrow after all

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I don't know how I feel about it. 

I would go, but after seeing the Power Trip footage, I'm not sure a tour is the best idea, or even a good idea at all.

They just don't sound good - both Brian and Angus barely holding it together, Stevie isn't suddenly going to become Malcolm, Cliff already wanted to go out and we don't know if Phil would be part of it or not. 

P.S. - Donnington is great, but honestly folks... Largo is where it's at:



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