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Your Expectations for the upcoming European Tour


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What are your expectations regarding the upcoming European tour? New song(s)? Old favorites that have not been played in a while? Same old same? How do you expect Axl's voice to be? How high do your expectations go this time? Remember, it's not what you hope for, it's what you expect.

I personally think we're going to have some old songs people wanna hear throughout the tour, like they did with Estranged and Civil War in the 2011 tour and You're Crazy and Used To Love Her in the UCAP tour, but that's about it. Regarding Axl's voice, rough start (as usual) but something in the lines of 2011 US tour.

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I'd riot if they stopped playing Estranged and Civil War.

Other than that I expect it to be the same as the UCAP tour minus You're Crazy and Used To Love Her.

Also I don't expect Civil War to be played at the show I'm attending.

And I expect Axl to sound 2002-ish during the UK leg.


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I just hope it's a great night in Dublin and axl eats humble pie, therein stage early or on time and interacts with the crowd. He owes us.

For the tour as a whole, I hope he and the band play just one new song. The fans are starved and a new song wiuld keep us happy for weeks. Really not much to ask for in my opinion.

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Here's what I think... In 2006 we had the Hammerstein warm-up shows before their epic tour that worked as the build-up to Chinese Democracy's release. I see the UCAP tour as the equivalent to the Hammerstein shows -- warming up, tightening screws, and officially "re-introducing" the band to its most dedicated, loving fans. UCAP was much bigger and more extensive, and I believe this is because the band's upcoming plans are more extensive than 2006 and the period that followed culminating in an album of new songs. I think this coming tour will be bigger and longer and lead up to the release of CD volumes II-IV.

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It seems to me that the band must become very bored unless they change something up. I honestly think we're in for a new song at some point during the Euro tour. I also think that they will play some different songs, like used to love her for example, TWAT (if he gets in to good voice-shape), and keep estranged and civil war.

Voice wise I think he will get off to a rough start (which I'm always disappointed by) but then get in to a fairly good form, like the one he ended the theater tour in.

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I expect Guns to play what they have been playing during their Up Close and Personal Tour for 2 to 3 hours every other night.

It's going to be a lot of fun and I can't wait for it!

I am hoping Axl decides to play a couple more cuts from Chinese Democracy; for example Scraped, There Was A Time and If The World.

I would love to hear a new song but I am going to have the best time regardless.

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I expect this setlist, or one very similar:

Chinese Democracy

Welcome to the Jungle

It's So Easy

Mr. Brownstone


You're Crazy


Rocket Queen

James Bond Theme (Richard Fortus Solo)

Live And Let Die

This I Love

Used To Love Her


Baba O'Riley (Dizzy Reed Solo)

Street of Dreams

You Could Be Mine

DJ Ashba Solo

Sweet Child O' Mine

Another Brick In The Wall

Gran Torino (Axl Rose Solo)

November Rain

Pink Panther Theme (Bumblefoot Solo)

Don't Cry

Shackler's Revenge

Civil War

Knockin' On Heaven's Door






Paradise City

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