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Going Down Were Made During the Bucket Era


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So at one point, Bucket came back when bumble was in and tinkered with him and robin?

I also like the 2014 axl comment. Maybe his voice improved, or he lost wieght.

No, the song was written while Bucket was in the band, and BBF added some parts when he joined. The consensus seems that the song was written sometime around 2003, since it sounds like it could've been on Village Gorilla Head.

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que the Aerosmith song: Same ol ...same ol song and danceeeeeeee a my friends....

actually as its written it says something... GNR is Axls and he wouldnt want to play someone else music. as I interepret it.. confirmation that this "band" is hired guns and nothing more. Its more a solo effort kind of thing than a collaborative effort that one would expect of a true band.

2014...ok ... well see. I will play your silly little game. I wont bet my paycheck on it by any means ... well see . Some one bump this thread up in Nov 10 2014 and we will see. I do hope I am completely dead wrong in my cynical jaded assessment and that theres some new blood in the water (lol)

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