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Tour Lithographs and show specific artwork

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Got all the lithos from the shows I've been to so far up in my basement music room    

Thank you to everybody who helped make this possible. You know who you are

Maybe some of you would like to see a poster design that went unapproved.  I figure it would be fun to see.  This was supposed to be for the Vegas shows for tomorrow and Saturday.  Since there hasn't

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3 hours ago, nycgunner said:

Going to try to get a lithograph in Hawaii. Has the merch stand sold non-crushable tubes?  How do you protect these things at a show?  Have a GA/PIT ticket. 

I had no tubes, I asked for extra bags and I brought thick elastics.  I used 3 elastics and covered the lithos and then put the covered litho in the bag so nothing could spill on them etc.   not ideal but they were fine

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11 hours ago, gunsguy said:

I had no tubes, I asked for extra bags and I brought thick elastics.  I used 3 elastics and covered the lithos and then put the covered litho in the bag so nothing could spill on them etc.   not ideal but they were fine

I did the same, used thick soft hair bands, it worked. There is really no other safer way to keep them during the concert since I have never seen any tubes sold at the gigs I attended

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On 11/15/2018 at 7:38 AM, TigerBubba said:

Folks, I can’t seem to figure uploading an image, but pretty cool thing to share.  As I’ve posted on here, I was able to track down the artist of my Nashville 2016 print and get him to sign it.

well, when Ulrich Planer posted on Instagram his art show featuring GnR lithos and the invitation he was using featured the Winston Salem litho art, I messaged him a request for something signed that I could frame with my litho. Well, yesterday he sent an awesome, signed invitation card.  

I’ve corewsponded with Buhler before and I think it’s So cool how these artists have embraced the GnR fans who love these pieces!


Some venues will let you carry in a tube, some won’t. It’s really hit or miss. Best thing is to get it from the merch tent outside before the show if you can.

id love to get one from you if possible!

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Love it. Wish it had a little more vibrancy in color, but was hoping it would have some reference to Duke, and they way they are in front of the surfboards is just like the Duke statue.


id LOVE to get one and if anyone there would be willing to snag an extra, I’d be forever appreciative!

hanging this one next to the Troubador for an “Alpha and Omega” would be awesome.


if any of you are there, have fun!

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The duke statue look is cool. But it could use some color. Volcano in the background lava spewing, hawaiian flowers for lettering, or even leis on statue.

After the pearl harbor battleship video I thought maybe a tribute with kamikaze fighter planes or something.

PS if anyone is going to show and wants to grab a beer, hit me up. See you tonight.

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I bought a duke Hawaii shirt last night at the show. I get the significance of the skeletons and surf boards, but what about the mountain in the background? Is that Diamond Head (extinct volcano on the island)?

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I like both posters for Hawaii


Whelp, thats a wrap (it seems), it was a lot of fun following the tour artwork. What were some of everyone's favorites?

For me, Id say...

1. Vegas Night 2 2016. I still love this one. Its a great show poster, looks cool, has a lot of cool little details and captures the spirit of GNR and Vegas. Its still probably my favorite poster, and even though I only attended night 1, I own one of these too.

2. Detroit 2016. This is one of the most underrated designs imo. The longer Ive had it, the more Ive enjoyed it. The 80s cartoon style is great, and it's very bright and colorful. Its a good representation of my city and it looks awesome on my wall.

3. Cinncinati 2016. The elusive and legendary astronaught. Great design.

4. San Diego 2016 Rocket Queen, I really like All of her tattoos and the look of the poster.

5. Kobe 2017. Not only is this one of the rarest, but it's one of the best looking. 

6. Tokyo 2017 Godzilla. I love Godzilla and Buhler really did a good job with it. Feels old school.

7. Imola 2017. Classic formula 1 design and it makes for a great concert poster

8. Paris 2017. Its just awesome

9. Taipei 2018 Opera. Buhler rocked on this one. Reminds me of Kobe. Really cool colors and a striking image, wish it had the Asian don't too. 

10. Abu Dhabi 2017. Modern formula 1, this image is so kick ass. One of the tour's best.

There are a ton that shoe be honorable mentions too, particularly from USA 2016, Japan 2017, and both European legs

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I wish i'd kind of got into the game a tad earlier. It was only when I went to the europe '17 gigs that i started following these and collecting bits when I could.

My favourites are:

Orlando '16 - Probably the only one from 2016 I'd love to have. looking back, great simple design and the colours are awesome.

Osaka '17 - Love Kobe but this is equal in my opinion. Great design, love the style and the skulls.

Melbourne Tiger '17 - Love this one, the only AUS one I really like. Love the skull detail and overall subdued look.

The entire Europe '17 leg gets a shout, some fantastic designs. London 1, Gdansk and Hameenlinna are fantastic. Munich '17 is my favourite of the entire tour.

Denver '17 is severely underrated imo, a great thematic poster. (Would love to know the artist!)

From '18 i'd say Madrid is the best Europe design (Awesome detailing and overall execution, close to the buhler style) and from Asia I like both Taipei's. The buhler being the king ofc, with its similarities to Kobe '17!

Have loved keeping up with these since Europe '17, Happy collecting!

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