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Silkworms FULL LEAK Discussion **NO LINKS**7 Day Suspension For Asking For Links**

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It's... something. I like the live versions. I like the drums and the vocals are very... full of passion?


But man, this song is a bit too much for me. A Guns N' Roses song needs a guitar in it. Just like I was disappointed that the studio version of "Better" had some stupid electronic effects instead of my favorite guitar riff in the entire song, I wish they would've gone to a bit more guitar-oriented sound with Silkworms.


I both love it and hate it at the same time.

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Just now, RussTCB said:

I will never understand anything about Silkworms at all. 

I can sort of see it if things had gone to plan with the whole "trilogy" thing.

Have the first record be a sort of transitional thing and then get progressively more experimental/absurd with later releases.

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