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Garden of Eden

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6 hours ago, Nice Boy said:

I don't know why they made a video really. Was it ever even played live? It's kinda ok but just filler really, nothing special.

I think they were making the "Yesterday's" video. Probably a two birds one stone situation. 

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1 hour ago, metallex78 said:

Man, I miss that band. I hope we get some of this type of stuff in the UYI box set. 

It’s a killer performance - riff sounds so much heavier than the album. And to think there will be a pro-shot/SBD performance in the vault.....😭

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Actually, having said it's just filler..

I think there are a couple of Mates rehearsal studio instrumentals of the song from around 1990, and it sounds fuckin nice there. It's the polished UYI version with the vocals I don't really like. The raw bones of the song are good though. 


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9 hours ago, Nice Boy said:

In theory I should like them, as I'm into brief, fast rockers. But something about the UYI mastered sound doesn't sit right with me.

If they were rough like the first side of Lies I'd probably prefer that!

GOE is a great song - but agree that it suffers a bit from the ‘clean’ production for some reason. It loses its rawness which is clearly evident in the live performance/rehearsals.

An alternative mix on the UYI Deluxe set would be very interesting....particularly without the sound effects.

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