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Guest Gunns

Can you please do a recount on my entry?

I think this competition was rigged!!!!!!!! :lol: (at least make it an option in the skins :P)

Congragulations bumblefeet! best design

apart from mine
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Is it just me or does actually having them in place offer a different perspective. Manifsman 1 looks much better than I imagined.

I think I am poorly skilled in the visualisation department!

In hindsight, I should have made the skins available earlier or set up a test subforum for people to visit. It would have been the same amount of work as all the bloody screenshots anyway!

I also want to publicly apologise to ManFISman.

I've been spelling his name wrong everywhere for the past month and I think it might have caught on with a few people. Sorry Manfisman! :lol:

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Sorry too. I really struggle with some username spellings unless I copy and paste (not that easy on a mobile).

I've literally been saying it wrong in my head too though and it always sounded weird.

I like his real name a lot better!

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Congrats bumblefeet.

That was close, almost made an epic comeback ha. Kinda curious that If we merge my both entries I would win by far.

Really cool that we get a digital copy of appetite for democracy. And also the alt skins, well done! This was a fun contest

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