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2-4 Months, What's the News?

What's the news?  

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Gn'R is like a 93 year old patient lying in a hospital bed with a dick tube. Sometimes he'll joke around, but most days he's just doing his thing which is mostly nothing and dying.

But next year yeah. For 2015, I vote nothing.

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There will be a new logo announced, that will be a part of the currently in progress album and touring.

They will announce that touring will begin again in 2016. Possibly a major announcement to a festival or some sort that they can't disclose yet.

The new guitarist will be a surprise, but they will tour with one less guitar player in 2016. They won't announce who until later on.

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A reunion? no way! Obviously every GnR fan wants that in some small or not so small a way, but I can't see it.

Residency? while I appreciate it makes sense for the band to hold up in one place and let the fans travel - Money, better performances with better rest for crew and band. A residency sends out the wrong message. 2016 is a year for a mammoth world tour supporting a new album. 2017? residency? why not, fire right ahead. With a solid year around the world behind a decent record, GnR will have afforded themselves the luxury of a residency and people will have much, much less ammo to throw at the band.

New album (first and foremost) accompanied by some videos, Replacement band members, new tour. I still believe that if CD was promoted with some visuals it would have got on better (not a global best seller but better than 3million sales). People just wanted to see Axl, even if it was just a performance video, personally I like the old gnr styled big story videos, don't cry, November rain Think that's what people want.

Anyway, that's what I'd love to see, as well as one maybe two Axl interviews with a trust worthy interviewer, Eddie trunk is a no brainer (TMS) and maybe Howard Stern (wild card), even though he would pull all sorts of shit out of the woodwork and piss him off. Anyway, the interviews would clear things up a bit, no major mud slinging, just Axl telling his side of things and promoting his new album. Would be huge.

I'd also like to see Axl putting on performances like the final shows in Vegas '14, consistently. Say what you want, but he was a completely different singer on those last nights compared to the SA run. That's the Axl that would be needed to promote a new album / tour anything less would be ripped apart.

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The news will be that there will be news

That's a worry of mine, that this will get strung along. I'd file that under nothing. It's a case of fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me; fool me 300 times, I should really just kill myself because I'm an idiot. :lol:

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We're talking about a rich white man living in Malibu that's staring 60 years old in the face. What much else can be left in the tank, honestly?

There's nothing to lose and nothing left to gain. CD was the last half ass'd attempt to be relevant again and it didn't work. Axl would be nuts to subject himself to that ridicule again.

I can promise you that he's not done touring just yet. Until Axl has his 'farewell cash grab' tour we know there's one more round left. There's plenty of money to be made on a farewell tour.

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Obviously nothing, Axl is done. You can quote me on 2-4 months when Richard's, Frank's etc departures are announced.

I have saved this... He ain't done

Hopefully Axl will return with a kickass, cohesive, well produced album - which must be expected from its time being recorded - and I'm proved wrong. :)

I'm 99,99% sure it won't happen though :(

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