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This picture needed its own thread.

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We should play a game. What's axl thinking? 


Damn and it took 3 guitar players before to do what slash is doing

Slash is so fucking aweaome, assba who?

It's like an angel playing guitar, 

Wait that's what that solo is supposed to sound like. 

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who's Ashba? Slash don't know.


"I've never met any of them except for the guy who wears the top hat I can't remember his name."
Read more at http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/slash-cant-remember-current-guns-n-roses-guitarist-dj-ashbas-name/#uXEVxOBBm4jxkZsE.99

"the guy who wears the top hat"

=> when i first read that i was rolling on the floor laughing. Slash was not impressed with his garderobe.

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11 minutes ago, Slash787 said:

@Estranged Reality, post the picture of Slash and Axl leaving the stage, even that pic deserves to be in this thread. 

Off topic, I din't pay that much attention, I just saw that you are a girl, all this time I was thinking you are a guy lol

I WANT TO SEE THAT PICTURE!!! Where might one find it?

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Just now, Slash787 said:


I think this forum can shut down now. It's entire existence has been building to this moment, this image, and it is no longer necessary.

(I'm kidding, @downzy, I like this place, don't shut it down, but that's a baller-ass picture.)

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Back in the beginning when this was starting to become rumors- and even after it was confirmed- I kept saying that I would have to see it to believe it (Axl and Slash back together on the same stage again).... well, I guess I believe it now.

And it is better than I imagined it would be. How crazy.

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