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On 4/13/2024 at 9:51 PM, -W.A.R- said:

You can only say this if you're blind to everything the US/Israel does because it's clear they are the crazy ones.

Israel has been fighting for their existence for thousands of years. This is why they won't take any shit now.

Can you say that any other race of people have lost over 10 million and still exist today. This is why the Jews have to fight back now. Learn all the history. You think Hamas was right to attack them and what Hamas has done to Paliisteine is their own fault for allowing them to run their country.

Yeah America has done some horrible shit too, but study world history. Every country in the world has blood on their hands to this day. No country is innocent. Humans are savages have been since the beginning of time.

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All these college students have no idea what they are talking about. Maybe they should put their energies in getting a good educaton and then try to help the homeless and poor in America where they live and are getting their education. These Muslims bitch about America. Do they think especially the woman would get a chance at this education if they lived in a Muslim country? NO! Those women can't even show their faces. Why don't they protest about the Muslim nations who are either so rich or very poor and yet that doesn' tbother them.


How about Africa who kidnap their women and make them sex slaves and still castrate their women. Why isn't anyone trying to help them?

You can't pick and choose a cause because deep down you hate the Jews and always will because that's what Muslims are taught to do and it sucks, but the world hasn't changed nor have these countries in thousands of years. Yet no one does a damn thing about it.

And what about China and North Korea? Have you seen how they treat their people? Guess no one gives a shit for them.

Before you attened these colleges thata cost your rich parents thousands of dollars maybe you should have checked them out before you went there.  Do you know how many poor and middle class young people would love to attend these colleges but don't have the money to go. As the Asian students who won't get into Yale or Harvard because they aren't white? Guess not.

Learn history of our world. So many horrors and nothing has changed. you should be glad to live in a free country, but that can change anytime now. Ask Ukraine and Israel and many other nations no one seems to give a shit about.

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On 5/19/2024 at 4:23 PM, dontdamnmeuyi2015 said:

Just read the helicopter with the President of Iran has crashed. Karma is a bitch!

It would be great if Iran voted for a democratic government, but I doubt it.

Iran can’t vote for a democratic government, you dingleberry. It’s a brutal dictatorship.  

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11 minutes ago, ZoSoRose said:

Iran can’t vote for a democratic government, you dingleberry. It’s a brutal dictatorship.  

Yeah, any candidates in favor of democratic reform would be refused to stand. 

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An actor who was on General Hospital was shot and killed on Saturday morning. Three savages were trying to steal his car and just shot him.

they are still at large.  

It pisses me off that some savages these days don't want to work and think they can take whatever they want from others.

Maybe Trump is right. If you steal and run out of a store you should be shot. Other countries do this. America is becoming a country of savages and many innocent people are suffering for it.

Something has to be done. don't know how long this shit can go on.

Very sad.

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