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What song should GNR use as the opener this tour?

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10 minutes ago, Gracii Guns said:

Whitesnake's Here I Go Again

In sincerity, I quite enjoyed them opening with Chinese Democracy on the 2006 tour. (If memory serves, which it probably doesn't because I'm old enough to remember 2006). 

When I saw them in 2006 they opened with Jungle and CD was the first song of the encore.  


When I saw them in 2011 and 2014 they opened up with CD.

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I think WTTJ is simply the best opener they have, but would like them to alternate the first song. 

Tbh if they did a slight rework of Perfect Crime I don't see it as much more difficult to sing than SOYL. Would be perfect for the UYI shows.

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12 hours ago, El Guapo said:

Eye on you so everybody immediately knows who the Mac Daddy is.


9 hours ago, adamsapple said:


Best. Opener. Ever.

Nothing like Axl coming out screaming you know where the fuck you are to kick off a GNR show.

100%, would get the crowd fired up.

8 hours ago, nycgunner said:

Pretty Tied Up


5 hours ago, Gordon Comstock said:

Pretty Tied Up.

It would be like a throwback to when they opened with it on the UYI tour, and it would actually sound good.

Yeah that would be cool.

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