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What song should GNR use as the opener this tour?

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Out of the songs you've mentioned, only Nightrain or WTTJ. Brownstone isn't bad, and I know they occasionally opened with it during UYI, but it's too slow. YCBM or Better haven't sounded good in years (I mean Axl), there's no way that would be a good idea. Estranged - again, too slow, wouldn't work as an opener (although it would be an interesting change if it was only used once or twice). 
Jungle would be playing it safe, why not. Better yet (for some novelty) - Nightrain. But slowed. The fuck. Down. 
Out ta Get Me would also be cool. 

Edit: The best thing ever? Alternate the friggin' songs, don't just stay with the same tune as usual... 

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1 hour ago, Joraz said:

Hardschool or Atlas Shrugged would be dope too

If they reworked Hard School and put it out as a single ahead of the tour then I could see it working as a decent opener.


Up tempo enough to get the energy going from the get go but also not overly demanding vocally for the first song.

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6 minutes ago, Gordon Comstock said:

Pretty Tied Up.

It would be like a throwback to when they opened with it on the UYI tour, and it would actually sound good.

I agree, but the chorus needs slight rasp, and it's the very level where Axl doesn't do it any longer, sadly.

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28 minutes ago, RussTCB said:

Right Next Door To Hell 

I was thinking of that song as well. I thought it was a good opening song for UYI 1 and seemed to be a good transition from AFD to UYI. It’s just a pity Axl would probably struggle to sing it. 
Nightrain is still my favourite opener. 

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