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  2. No, not every song has to be about Slash. In my opinion, none of the songs on CD are about Slash (or at least only about him). But I think this one, Hard School, is. You use an "objective" (or your subjective) point of view to interpret whether the song could be about Slash, but, don't forget, it's Axl's point of view here.
  3. I can definitely say, listening to this on my stereo at home was the best way to do it. Sounds very cool on a big stereo!!!
  4. And here we are in 2019 and we finally hear the full demo. Crazy to think what I was doing then, to where I am at now.
  5. Amazon Fires

    Any statistics on this?
  6. Yep, which is why I think the theory that it could be about Steven holds water.
  7. Amazon Fires

    Well, yeah. Violent crimes were the ones that decreased sharply. Anyways, you're gringo then? Not from here? Coming here and asking around is not a good way to measure crime and stuff.
  8. I’m only here for the comments about how this DEMO needs a lot of work. Thank you Captain Obvious, I don’t know where I would be in my life without you. 😘
  9. Hmm potential here but I think this is a bun prematurely pulled from the oven.
  10. Why does every song have to be about Slash? Like the break-up was Slash's fault? Axl was the egotistical maniac not Slash or Duff. I suppose Izzy never had issues with the red head either? Every other original member left of their own volition, except Steven.
  11. It's Eb tunning, just like almost every other GNR song. No drop D. The outro is both Robin and Bucket. There's two leads, kinda like the ending of TWAT.
  12. Amazon Fires

    No. You're not believing the scientists. I showed you NASA's report on it and they say it is within the usual range and they have a way bigger datapool. The INPE stuff I brought here also showed you that it is just slightly higher than 2016. I showed a report that this is not even a record within this decade, 2010 is the record holder and even then it was not considered a HUGE deviation and was within our yearly expectations. You're being stubborn, imature and ignorant. When you're wrong just be the better man and admit it. You're ignoring all the stats we're giving you and misinterpreting what you brought. Inpe only said queimadas had an 83% increase compared to 2013. THAT'S IT. It didn't say it was a huge deviation. The media blew it out of the water. All you're doing is saying that queimadas rose this year, which is true, but we're showing that it is within the usual range and not even all time high for the decade and you're ignoring it.
  13. The whining thread

    Someone threw a rainbow pompom in my face. And alls I did was give a pride parade float that my friend was on a raised fist salute... but with a bent wrist to celebrate pride.
  14. [TOOL] New Album 'Fear Inoculum' August 30th

    Album is amazing. I can't believe they delivered after all the hype. I feared it could be polarizing like CD was but no, it fully delivered 7empest is just too good. I feel like there were 45 different riffs in that one and all of them were good. That solo around 11th minute is It's 80 minutes long but it feels short
  15. Gardening

    I would love it to be mild until winter. Wow - I never heard of seeds that require fire!!! That’s wild! Being digested by animal is already cool enough, by fire?? I imagine those would be very rare plants? And they take longer to mature is why you’re starting so early? You’ll barely be finished with the harvest.You and your team are bad ass! I’m just gonna keep using my mini crock to keep the Queso dip warm thats awesome about the presenters coming together. Is the library series to build support for outdoor classroom (sorry if I’m forgetting that)? I’m so pumped about your outdoor classroom! Yep, sounds like you are about to feel the full weight of bureaucracy. Yikes! Hope it doesn’t hold your project up too much. haha- construction skills would be handy - but you’re the boss in the white hard hat. You oversee . I can swing a hammer when someone tells me what to hammer but that’s about it. You got this
  16. [TOOL] New Album 'Fear Inoculum' August 30th

    It's kind of like a spirit quest of an album. Smoke a doobie, drop some acid, eat some mushrooms. Tune in, drop out, take over sort of deal. It's not a giant shit metaphor like Aenima so I'm more keen on it. It's an interesting noise.
  17. Ever since this track was leaked, I’ve been wanting to hear your thoughts on this song vocally. You usually always articulate your comments on Axls voice exactly how I would.
  18. Don’t know where the name came from, but during the chats someone asked Axl about Checkmate and he said it’s actually a song called Jackie Chan. No context given.
  19. Can't find that but I just assumed it's a play on old school/new school whereby hard school means a stubborn muther fucker. It's funny, the very first bookmark at the top of my daily list of shit to check for the past 20 odd years has been MyGnR or another Guns site, specifically in case of days like this. But whereas years ago I would have lost my shit, 3.5 years of touring the same old stuff has really dampened by enthusiasm. I like the tune. Had Axl got a record out back then this would have been a sweet little b-side on a proper single.
  20. Why was it called Jackie Chan btw? Was this suppose to be on some JC movie soundtrack?
  21. 2006 when the 16 second clip leaked is the first we heard of Checkmate AFAIK. The first time it was referred to as Jackie Chan was by Axl during the forum chats in December 2008.
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