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  2. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    I also notice how my board status has just been changed to "god".
  3. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    if we want it or not, the uncertainty principle forces us to incorporate "belief" in science. science needs to be "upgraded" in order to evolve any further. This upgrade exists in the form of throwing away the chains that 18th century enlightment imposed on us. the biggest scientific breakthroughs were made, not by book people, but by people who thought out of the box, let their intuition guide them, and were ridiculed by the established scientific community.
  4. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    does there ever exist supporting evidence, to anything? when is something ever proven? when was anything proven, ever? many theories, that were "proven" in the past, have been shown to be false. we can't even decide between the state of wave or particle when it comes to subatomic particles! proof, any proof, is only as valid as quantum mechanics allow (the uncertainty principle).
  5. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    And that supernatural belief is founded on nothing at all. No supporting evidence. Nothing. Just hope.

    Done deal apparently will be announced over the next few days.
  7. USA almost attacked Iran

    On it's way to Church ... In the middle east?
  8. USA almost attacked Iran

  9. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    Get outta that one Soulie
  10. So, here's my understanding of Duff's seattle journey. Any help adding more bands and creating a clearer image would be great, but please provide sources. [Formation] - [Band name] 1979 - Vains 1980 - You May Not Believe In Vains But You Cannot Deny Terror [Duff plays bass on this, He's also credited for writing & vocals on "The Fake", under the alias "Nico Teen"] -------- 1980 - The Living [No releases, Duff played guitar in this band during his time in Vains] -------- 1980 - Fastbacks (Duff played two shows and recorded four songs) 1981 - It's Your Birthday [Drums & Backing vocals] 1981 - Seattle Syndrome - Vol. 1 (Compilation) [Drums on track A6] 1990 - Never Fails, Never Works [Drums on tracks B5-B7. New son "Was Late" debuts] -------- 1982 - Silly Killers (No idea when this band formed, presumably before Duff joined The Fartz. Year is based on first release) 1982 - Silly Killers [Backing vocals on "Social Bitch"] 1983 - What Syndrome (Compilation) [Drums on A1 & A2] -------- 1982 - The Fartz (This eventually evolved into the more known band, 10 Minute Warning, with a different lineup & Duff on guitar) 1990 - You, We See You Crawling [Drums on tracks A1-A5] -------- 1982 - 10 Minute Warning 1982 - Survival Of The Fittest [This was released under 10 Minute Warning, but the band is The Fartz. Same songs as on release above] 1984 - 10 Minute Warning [EP] [Not sure what this is, Duff left TMW in 1983. Same songs as release above but with an unknown song called "War Is Hell". According to Discogs, Duff plays drums on this] 1998 - 10 Minute Warning [Reunited band after Duff left GN'R. Duff plays Guitar here] 2008 - Then And Now... Vol. #1 (Split 7") [New song "Spell" debuts. Duff plays Guitar] -------- 1983 - Hobo Skank (No idea when this band formed. Year is based on first release) 1983 - What Syndrome (Compilation) [Duff plays drums on this, Silly Killers also appear on this with Duff] -------- August '84 - Duff moves to L.A.
  11. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    There's probably nothing scientifically that you adhere to that I don't, and yet I still believe in God. Science is just a material human explanation for what God has done.
  12. Today
  13. British Politics

    According to your chums at the EU there is only one deal on offer, the withdrawal agreement, that the UK Parliament threw out three times. The EU have even disbanded their negotiation teams.
  14. British Politics

    But they were represented with lies the first time around? Regardless of what the outcome of the deal is, humour me here... hypothetically speaking, let's say they have finally made a ''deal''... and there will be a referendum in which people can choose between that deal or remain, you are saying that wouldn't make the most sense?
  15. Up to and including how to fuck up relationships with mad ginger women that assault you with six packs whilst on the verge of being seduced
  16. this movie should be mandatory study material at high school. there is so much life whisdom and character in that movie, it's insane
  17. Summer Song Challenge #8

    Day 2
  18. British Politics

    No, because the withdrawal agreement is a dog's dinner and nothing a leave voter would vote for, so the leave majority (52%) would literally not be represented on the ballot paper! This all raises a further problem with the second referendum: ''what to put on the ballet paper''. Also, the withdrawal agreement has been thrown out of Parliament three times. It is a dead deal here.
  19. British Politics

    Anything can happen, but you're right, it probably won't because it's such a mess, but do you agree with what I said?
  20. British Politics

    It cannot happen though for the reasons I've outlined.
  21. he could have sung "sister's aren't doing it for themselves" in stead but he picked the classic by the misfits in stead. because it is shocking, and therefore, very much fun. In 1992, duff still was a badass. 2019 duff, and with him the rest of the gunners, asshole to asshole couldn't make a beer fart in a whirlwind anymore
  22. British Politics

    It probably won't. But don't you agree that a scenario where people can choose between the Brexit deal that is on the table or remain, would make the most sense?
  23. General Chat / Random Musings

    I've said it before, she's cute as a button, makes your sordid, depraved and generally pointless existence all worth it You done alright there man. Kids are fuckin' wonderful, look at that face, wouldn't know hardship if it pulled up a chair beside her eh?
  24. General Chat / Random Musings

    While I agree there is a certain moral turpitude to abusing your position as President to poke interns there's a slight difference between rape and having consensual sex with an intern, same with the Jack and Bobby, they may have been pervos that shagged around a bit but they weren't forcing them or doing it to underage girls or whatever. Also, take a lot at their faces. Take a look at Jack Kennedy...then Bobby...then Bill...who do you think is just a swordsman and who do you think either has to pay for it and/or force birds out of them and Trump? Blimey, even I'd have to think about it if Jack Kennedy was going begging
  25. General Chat / Random Musings

    I do this all the time I haven't spilled it i'm preserving it for memory of a great meal.
  26. Oh, that explains the Trump pinada in Mexico. Thanks for the clarification, Duff.
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