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20 hours ago, dontdamnmeuyi2015 said:

James Patterson's The mid wife murders.

Reading a lot helps me keep my mind off the horrors that are going on right now.

Yeah, Im finding that audio books are really helping me escape lately.

Im still working my way through a super long book on the Grateful Dead. And Star Wars audio books are fun because they have all the sound effects, music and alien voices.

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British Sieges of the Peninsular War, 1811-13 By Frederick Myatt

The Spanish Ulcer: A History of the Peninsular War, Gates, Dr David

An Atlas of the Peninsular War, Ian Robertson

The British Army Against Napoleon: Facts, Lists and Trivia, 1805-1815 (2010) Robert Burnham

Seven Years Campaigning in the Peninsular and the Netherlands 1808-15 by Richard D Henegan

The Peninsular War: A New History (2003) by Charles Esdaile 

Soldier of the 71st: Journal of a Soldier of the Highland Light Infantry (1819) Anon

An Ensign in the Peninsular War: The Letters of John Aitchison (1981) id 

Currently I am re-reading,

Poland: A History (2009) by Adam Zamoyski

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18 minutes ago, DieselDaisy said:

The God Delusion

Worst book I have ever read in my entire life. I barely got through it (skim read the last few pages). Pretentious, arrogant, biased drivel. 

Biased? Oh the irony. :lol: 

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Killing for Company: The Case of Dennis Nilsen (1985) by Brian Masters.

What the new three-part ITV drama, Des starring David Tennant, is based on * - Brian Masters is indeed a prominent character in the drama. 1983-5, Masters wrote this biography through multiple interviews, even receiving manuscripts from the serial killer. It is biographic, psycho-analytical, poetic-romantic and horrendously disturbing in equal measure. 

* Indeed, recently reissued in accordance.


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On the Trail of the Yorkshire Ripper: His Final Secrets Revealed (2019) by Richard Charles Cobb.

Forensic scrutiny of crime scenes, then and now, through mapping and photography. Essential for understanding Sutcliffe's reign of terror and modus operandi. The author also posits two-three interesting theories of his own.

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