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If you could go to one GN'R concert..


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If you could go back in time to see/experience only one Guns N' Roses concert between 1985-2012 - you can choose any concert you want - which one would you choose and why?

I think I would've chosen Ritz in 1988. Because it's the original lineup without the big arena production, no piano, a really good setlist (appetite) and the concert was taped so I can look at it for years to come and say I was there :)


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wow.... only one show? That's tough... Would've loved to see one of the old Roxy shows, or Rock in Rio 1991. And doing over all the 1991-1993 shows I have seen. :D would be a real treat too... :P

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If it included shows I've seen, Ritz 2012 would still be my choice. That show was just amazing...better than any Maiden show I've even been to. If I had to pick a show I haven't seen, it'd be one of these:

HOB 2001

London 2006 (Sailing)

London 2012

Ritz 1988

Donington 1988

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