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The Chinese Democracy 2 Fan Project - Let's make our OWN VOCALS!!

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Hey guys with all of these new instrumentals out there now, would anyone be interested in recording some vocals and creating our own community version of Chinese Democracy 2?

I know we have some great vocalists on the board. I'm already finding myself singing my own imaginary lyrics to Oklahoma, Zodiac, and D Tune in the car. I'd love to hear some of the community's creative side. You don't need to sound like Axl or even be a relatively good singer. I just think it would be interesting to hear where we would take these songs if we had our chance.

Some basic rules:

1. You must pick an instrumental.
2. You cannot edit the arrangement of the song.
3. You must be able to record your own vocals and add them to the track.
4. You will get bonus points if you make the song somewhat related to the title of the instrumental!

If you're interested, pick a song, let us know what it is, and get to writing! I'll add your name to the list below! We'll figure out how to compile and share later. :)

Current Song List with Vocalist:

Soul Monster - Gibson_Guy87
D Tune - Axl2002
Circus Maximus - djtripp20
Circus Maximus - GansosYRosas
Oklahoma - Bansidhe
Zodiac 13 - Shacklermyrye
Dummy - Peffo
Devious Bastard - wafflehead
PRL - Darklotus1111
real doll (dot) com - Darklotus1111

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14 hours ago, djtripp20 said:

Current Song List with Vocalist:

Soul Monster - Gibson_Guy87
D Tune - Axl2002
Circus Maximus - djtripp20

I wasn't aware of these having been worked on. Wouldn't mind hearing them sometime just to compare notes/ideas 👍🏻

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58 minutes ago, Axl2002 said:

Hey I`ve written some words and melodies to D Tune and recorded them but I`m not a good singer.

Where should I upload my Version ? or to anyone interested I can send it via email to get

some feedback whats good and whats not. thanks

Hold onto it for now. I'll reach out to you individually. I don't wanna break any forum rules. :)

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