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'Scraped' should top this list.

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I always liked scraped. If it were stripped back to lyrics and guitars without all the Additional  vocal bullshit It would be a pretty solid rocker, the lyrics are ok and the delivery is fine, it’s just a typical overproduced CD mess.

oh and a new solo

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8 hours ago, YourMother'sDruthers said:

Scraped is the worst song in the gnr catalogue, worse even than my world. Scraped makes my world look like bohemian rhapsody.

The title wasn't meant in a serious way of course, Scraped is kind of a dud. 😉

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16 minutes ago, BreakDown2014 said:

Why is the intro to Scraped so hated? It's short, unique, I like it.

I'd love to hear a vocals-only album by Axl, like what Bjork did with Medulla. Having the vocal range that he has, he could do some great experimental stuff with his voice.

I always took the intro to Scraped to almost be Axl showing off. Like, check this shit out. 

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