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The General

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3 minutes ago, Alexmee239 said:

Only a couple people heard the cellphone clips/ evader mix, and given that it's so well done it is easy to get fooled by it 

Don't get me wrong it is very well done!  Maybe it is because I got into mixing a bit when getting my degree, but the fact Axl's vocal track was made with spliced syllables using audio manipulation to change the pitch and layering it to mask it, is very obvious - as well as the tones and overall presentation.  It is very well done of course, but to me there are many giveaways that would easily debunk it as a genuine GNR recording / a non-home recorded affair

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I don't think it was well done at all... Of course, Evader's work is good, but whoever attached the rest of the instrumental to it did a shit job, lol. You can clearly hear where the transitions were made - it sounds like shit. Even if someone has never heard The General before, it should be clear to them that this is fake.

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5 hours ago, WhazUp said:

Checking Reddit, how the hell are so many people genuinely fooled by it though?  lol

Sometimes its hard to tell,  remember on here years ago people didnt believe the 2nd part of better was real, others didnt believe state of grace scream was axl, there were other songs people on here didnt believe were axl aswell

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