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The Rolling Stones- Hackney Diamonds


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They confirmed they did 23 tracks, 12 of which are on the album. Two of the tracks (recorded in 2019) have Charlie - By The Sword and Mess It Up. They also confirmed Bill Wyman on one track! The rest was recorded the end of last year and finished early this year. 

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1. Angry

2. Get Close

3. Depending On You

4. Get Close

5. Bite My Head Off

6. Whole Wide World

7. Dreamy Skies

8. Mess It Up

9. Live By The Sword

10. Driving Me Too Hard

11. Tell Me Straight

12. Sweet Sound Of Heaven


....if I got that right? Sort of? 

Lady Gaga is on Sweet Sound Of Heaven. 

No mention of Paul McCartney or Ringo yet. 

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21 minutes ago, username said:

Press conference is over. They're going to debut the video for Angry now. No McCartney mentions... or did I miss them? 

Nope didn’t mention Macca

Angry sounds cool, although nothing too special, but a solid first single, I can see this getting some airplay in the mainstream radio

On the 2nd listen I think the chorus is quite catchy, although the auto tune is too obvious and therefore a bit annoying. Cool little Keith solo 

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8 minutes ago, ZoSoRose said:

The final cover is much better!

So much! Was worried it’d be some variation of the tongue again, which though an invaluable marketing tool has been leaned into a bit too much in recent years. 

The new tune is great, and LOVE that it has a Keef solo.

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On 9/1/2023 at 2:35 PM, Cosmo said:

I was concerned about Charlie's drums. Fuck, I'm hyped now.

They will feature both Charlie Watts and their current drummer Steve Jordan on the new album which is great.

I'm thrilled about McCartney and Wyman.

Lady Gaga will appear on one of the tracks.

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This song is fucking great.

Probably the best song since some of the stuff they released on Tattoo You in '82.

I think artists generally have a certain window to release material before their moment of relevancy closes.  This song, had it been released in the 1970s or early 80s would likely be held in the same regard as other classics.  

Really liked the video; felt like this should have been something Guns did with the LA setting.  As much as looking at Syndey Sweeney isn't difficult, kind of wish they had just stuck to videos of the band.  But I guess the chick in the convertible gives the video a little bit of context.  Plus it's The Stones...  But yeah, favourite parts is seeing them reformulate old clips to match the new song.

Great stuff.  

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15 minutes ago, ZoSoRose said:

I really loved Doom and Gloom, too. Excited for the entire record, but if this ends up being the best song, I won’t be disappointed 

Doom and Gloom was superb. So is Angry. Looking forward to throwing on the full thing!

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51 minutes ago, username said:

I feel like Ghost Town isn't getting enough love here. I still enjoy that song a lot. :) 

It was a grower. I didn’t love it from the off but after several plays it ended up becoming an ear worm. Doom and Gloom would probably get into my top 10 favourite Stones songs. I played that shit to death!!!

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