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The Rolling Stones- Hackney Diamonds


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43 minutes ago, ZoSoRose said:

I like the weird title and in classic Stones fashion, it has a stupid cover!

Apparently it's slang for broken glass, particularly (car) windows after burglary. 

I agree on the cover, though I must say I like a fair lot if Stones covers.

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Meanwhile, new song-titles registered in the performing rights organization ASCAP’s database suggest that tracks on the album will include:


‘Bite my Head Off’

‘Depending on You’

‘Dreamy Skies’

‘Driving me Too Hard’

‘Get Close’

‘Live by the Sword’

‘Mess it Up’

‘Morning Joe Cues’

‘Sweet Sounds of Heaven’

‘Tell me Straight’

‘Whole Wide World’

‘Angry’, ‘Depending On You’ and ‘Get Close’ also credit Andrew Watt, the 2021 Grammy producer of the year who has collaborated extensively with Ozzy Osbourne over recent years.

‘Hackney Diamonds’ will be the first Rolling Stones album of original material since ‘A Bigger Bang’ in 2005.

It will feature a collaboration with Paul McCartney and a guest appearance from former Stones bassist Bill Wyman.

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Will echo the comments about Stones shows - they're just so darn good at what they do. Seen them twice (2006 and 2013). Depending on venues could be tempted to go again. Super excited about the record - Wyman back on some songs - McCartney and Ringo guesting. Can't wait! 

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