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A new Gn'R album - If the guys decided to re-record two of their old songs for the album, which ones would you want it to be?

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Last thing I want after 24 years of waiting for an album is re recordings of old songs. But to go with topic then 

DTJ - make it more like the live version 

Get In The Ring - I'm sure Axl could update it with new people (like Trump and Pitman :lol: )

If your going with side projects then Anastasia and Slither. 

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15 minutes ago, Drifter1158 said:

1. A very fast / uptempo version of one in a million

2. Crash Diet studio version ;-)


I agree. There are only two or three GnR songs that would have deserved a rerecording. 

Dead Horse (acoustic)

Crash Diet

The rest was perfectly arranged. 

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5 minutes ago, Italian girl said:


This pretty much sums it up. Why fuck with recorded tracks, put some new music out as a treat for the fans. They don't need the money from record sales anymore and could take the hit on studio time.....

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33 minutes ago, Marie82 said:

From the GNR albums, none. 

From their solo projects, Anastasia would be great and maybe Slither from VR. 

Ya know that wouldn't be a bad idea for an EP.. Re-record two CD songs and 2 VR or Slash solo songs or something.. Maybe throw in a live recording or two of the classics... Anastasia is one of the songs that Myles pulls off well but I wouldn't mind hearing Axl's take on it.. The song is such a beast that it would be cool to see it incorporated into their live set too.. 

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1 hour ago, ToonGuns said:

Double Talkin Jive, but this time with Slash on lead


He already did the leads on UYI.


Definitely Anastasia, completely rearranged with Axl's lyrics and melodies. But without any synths or keys or other weird sounding crap.

Slither would be awesome too.

No Guns song at all.


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