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5 Songs To Start With - Guns N' Roses


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2 minutes ago, Tom-Ass said:

4 out of 5 for me. I still find Better to be a terrible song. I have tried to listen with an open mind and just do not get it. 

It's one of the better CD songs for sure but none I would introduce GNR with.

Without watching Russ list (I'll watch it later when I've got the time), here's my list:

Nightrain, Rocket Queen, Cilvil War, November Rain and Estranged.

Just 5 songs is a difficult task since I have to ignore WTTJ, PC, SCOM, YCBM, Don’t Cry, Coma, Locomotive and many more.

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This is hard but Here is what I would go with.


Out Ta' Get Me - This song just describes why I fell in love with Gn'R when they came on the scene.

Rocket Queen - Arguabley my favorite Gn'R song

Paradise City - For all the reasons Russ gave about Jungle

You're Crazy (LIES version)

Civil War


Honorable mention would be One In A Million depending on who it was.  


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Hi Russ. I would have replaced You're Crazy or Dead Horse with Rocket Queen. I see why you picked You're Crazy since it ties into Dead Horse in your commentary. However, Rocket Queen is just the epitome of GNR.  Rocket Queen starts off very rockish and sleazy. However, the last the 3 minutes of the song is probably the most beautifully written piece of music that the band has ever written.  It's very hard and fast in the beginning and then changes tempo. I think that's been the trademark of GNR regarding how the tempo can change with ease from the band.  Otherwise, I say it was a good 5 songs that you chose.

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On 11/25/2022 at 5:33 AM, Gold top 78 said:

I’ve always said the first 4 songs on AFD  just sum up what GNR are about. But to spread it over albums I’d go 

Nightrain and RQ (AFD) 

patience (lies) 

Don’t Damn Me and Locomotive ( UYI ) 

I agree that those would be a good start too but i was looking to show how they evolved too. 

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