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Slash Will Be Doing a Reddit AMA on September 20th

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2 minutes ago, Ant said:

Come on Sosso! 


They'll make a thread kinda like on this forum and he'll respond to people's posted questions on the 20th.

I'm sorry, but I honestly didn't know what reddit is :shrugs: Thank you for the answer, though.

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Thing about AMA's is he can just ignore the tough ones. I'm foreseeing a bunch of obvious stuff we already know and some softballs like what's Myles like to work with. 

Hope to be pleasantly surprised! :D 

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15 minutes ago, IncitingChaos said:

I have faith in the gnr fan base that they will be in full force on the 20th. 


"Axl called you a cunt on April 20th 1996 -- we have the documents! Respond!"

I want to ask him about his dynamic with Izzy but I feel like he'd say something like "It wasn't ever a conscious thing, you know? All things considered it was a lucky twist of fate."  

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9 minutes ago, sidman69 said:

it'll be the same boring stuff so called "fans" want to know

- How did you get your top hat?

- How did you get your name?

- How old were you when you played guitar for the first time?

- Musical inspirations?

That's why he's doing it at that bland place and doesn't have the balls to come here, for i.e.

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