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Puerto Rico 2010 Proshot

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While everybody is waiting for the last two Rough Mixes cds to come out, looks like that better quality Puerto Rico 2010 full show has leaked. As we know, despite starting to get really fat in appearance, 2010 was great year for Axl's voice, this show was not the very best from that time, but still has also quite consistent vocal performance, highlights being good classic raspy YCBM, The Blues and even...gasp...TIL on full rasp! :) 

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5 minutes ago, Arnuld said:

So I’m assuming this is the leak of the day? Was there a poem attached to the file? 

Of course there was :lol:

The interesting part is where it says "just one of two".


Oh my, look at the time.
Its early today, yet we stil need to rhyme.
Live goods one the plate, extracted just for you.
San Juan seems like a good start, but just one of two.

Oh don't worry, you'll get your rough mixes.
They're coming soon, don't whine like bitches.
For the time being, we work to find even more.
We believe that we're close to yet another score.

So here, should we call out more hoarders of note?
Honestly no, that seems rather rote.
We've told you everything you need to know.
We're more interested now in letting files flow.

A few more lines, just to make it stick.
Bob Ezrin's a tool, an ignoramus and a prick.
Now Zutuat is different, we kind of like Tom.
Storage lockers amuse us, and so does your mom.


The Chairman


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13 hours ago, jamillos said:

Anyway, what was the point of hoarding a 13-year old mini snippet of Axl on a red bike? I understand it was probably meant for the Better video, but that... sort of... failed to materialize, didn’t it? Ludicrous.

This was one of the clips on the Greymatter site. Same place the Prostitute big screen video & Chidem tour stage plan (2 drummers) video came from.

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On 27.9.2019 at 7:57 AM, axlvai said:

What a voice...... 2010 was a fkn good year. Axl was really an Axl Rose. Late on time. Full of rasp.


Pls i need some proshot leak of 1991 until the end of this year.

It's a shame that Robin didn't stayed in the band. He was great with GN'R. 

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On 9/26/2019 at 7:17 PM, Gordon Comstock said:

San Juan seems like a good start, but just one of two.


Dear Chairman, 

Great stuff, but can we start getting pre-1994 stuff now? ChiDem is great and everything, but some UYI pro-shots would be great. Thanks!

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13 hours ago, gnr5 said:

Can you share more about this, first time I hear about it

What Sosso said but also...….

There was a short video on the greymatter site that showed a cg stage mockup, that had two drum kits on it.

I may still have it somewhere

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Watching the remastered version by @FRANSAD who did again an amazing job! Thanks man for everything you share!

What an amazing show. Axl was phenomenal. I really miss these -vocal- years.. 2009/2010 were pure gold. I never get enough..

TIL is fckn' killer. Don't Cry probably the best live performance in the last 20 years.

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