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What do you think Axl's appearance will be this summer?

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On 6/16/2021 at 9:57 PM, t-p-d-a said:

I think he would look like this


Where's a puke emoji?

Seeing stuff like this, I always think the technology has gone too far. 

4 minutes ago, El Guapo said:

Watch out for the snake dance!

You mean a whale mating dance...

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On 6/16/2021 at 3:29 AM, Chester 524 said:

ok.  to figure out what Axl will look like next month, one must figure out the Axl wardrobe algorithm, which is 1.  a bad ass look from the 80s mixed with 2. something from today's pop culture.  see the following examples:

1. 80s football out fit plus Xbit equals 2002 Axl


2.  Marty McFly (80s) plus Seth Rogan (current pop culture of that tim equals 2010 Axl

3. chuck norris (80s) plus Paris Hilton (pop culture) equals 2006 Axl













2006 Axl = Mick Hucknall + Mickey Rourke X Stevie Wonder.

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I can exclusively reveal that, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Use Your Illusion, Axl will be bringing back some of his outfits from that era.


Yup, look out for a revival of the red Versace jacket and combat boots combo!


And the cropped football shirt with kilt ensemble!


The adorable  'Che Guevara joins a boyband' outfit from Civil War will be making a comeback too, and...

... just what you lot really wanted...

...loads and loads of tight white cycling shorts!

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On 5/26/2021 at 4:18 PM, EvanG said:

That's kinda harsh. Look, everyone has a different metabolism. Some people don't work out and eat whatever they want and are still really skinny, even at an older age. And others gain weight very easily even if they work out like crazy. Axl has never been really fat and especially not in the last years. Sure, he's no Duff, but there can be many reasons for that.

What are we considering really fat? If it's from the condition he was in the 90s or 06, his weight gain is considerable. Chubby is bring generous.

Fair point on the metabolism, but you can't cut a rockstar with his resources that much slack. There are nutrionists who will map out a daily diet, personal trainers who will literally go to your house or virtual 1 on 1. There really isn't a valid excuse outside of health issues mental or physical. 

I'd guess he'll come back pretty close to how he left off in 2020... but who knows? I just care about his voice. The only reason I say he should be in shape physically is because it's good for you and your motivation levels, if he looks good he will most likely want to sound good. But... that's on the assumption Axl is unhappy being overweight. If he sounds good he could be running around in his Tokyo red hot pants with his belly hanging out, the voice is all that matters.

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What condition did he suffer from exactly in the 90s? He gained weight in the late 90s but I've never heard it was because of a specific health issue. Edit: Read your post wrong. He did gain a bit in the late 90s compared to the early part of the decade. He did a good job by 2000/1 of getting back in shape. 

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