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Hard School on Local Radio

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On my way home from the bar I turned on a local rock radio station and was completely shocked when I heard Hard School playing ... This was the first time I've ever heard a GnR song post-Illusions on the radio and it was such an awesome experience ... Have ya'll been hearing Hard School on your local stations? 

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Not yet, but I would surmise it’s been played on my local rock radio – it’s just that I rarely listen to it. What they definitely have played, however, is something that baffles me: for some reason, they’ve played SoD, or more precisely, The Blues from RiR 2001. It must be some sort of misunderstanding, because I’m not aware of any huge GN’R fans among the moderators, and they’ve only played this particular song from the show – my guess is they think this is official footage for some reason... Too bad they haven’t chosen some 2010 version instead. 

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I heard Hardskool played on the local rock radio station here in Brisbane, Australia, on the day it was released. It was great hearing it on the radio. Sounded amazing. Songs sound different depending on what you hear them on, but it really did sound fantastic on high volume in the car. I can’t say that I have heard it since unfortunately. But it’s a popular radio station so it was good exposure to hundreds of thousands of people at least 👍

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9 hours ago, ShadowOfTheWave said:

WMMR (Philadelphia) plays it at least once a day.

That's the station I heard it on :lol: at around 12:40 am ..


11 hours ago, Tomek1985 said:

Heard it on polish local radio station too. On Audi A4's 2004 almost retro car audio system. Instantly happier ;)

GnR sounds amazing in my '00 BMW 740i audio system 

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I don't ever listen to music on the radio so I was pleasantly surprised to see a few posts saying 93.3 wmmr in Philly plays it.  I just checked their recently played music on their website and sure enough hard skool was played tonight at 8:45pm. (only time in the last 24 hours)


very cool to see.  

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