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"General Musings" " Thread for all of "Thoughts On" all GnR things in the universe.

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2 hours ago, Imissthecornrows said:

Anyone else ever go on Youtube late on a Friday night and watch mid to late 2000s performances of Chinese Democracy songs?

If you mean when it's close to 3:00 AM and I come home still drunk and trip and fall all over my keyboard and the impact of my head types the right sequence of letters into the searchbar with the mouse also falling on the ground clicking play when it lands on the resulting video while I unconciously lay on the ground the rest of the night: yeah all the time

Otherwise I don't believe I've ever done that no

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I'm surprised this hasn't been brought up here somewhere (unless I missed it with the format change): https://rock101fm.iheart.com/featured/lend-a-helping-can/content/2024-04-05-zak-starkey-heads-up-superstar-project/

This would be the first Axl vocals recorded since Rock the Rock, correct?

EDIT: Nevermind; didn't know the project had a name - I now see the thread.  Should have known better.


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"You've won a badge"

jamillos was awarded the badge 'ASHBA™️Badge of Shame'

Did you guys always know that the round (UYI) logo is a view of a bullet from below? Been a fan since 1992, yet I only learned this in 2016 when they came up with the somewhat polished version of the logo... :facepalm:



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