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Use Your Illusion I Survivor - Round 1

Vote for your LEAST FAVORITE UYI I song to be evicted   

164 members have voted

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HOW IT WORKS: Each round, you vote for your LEAST FAVORITE of the options. The option with the most votes gets eliminated in the next round, and so on, until only one song remains.

Round 1 - ???
Round 2 - ???
Round 3 - ???
Round 4 - ???
Round 5 - ???
Round 6 - ???
Round 7 - ???
Round 8 - ???
Round 9 - ???
Round 10 - ???
Round 11 - ???
Round 12 - ???
Round 13 - ???
Round 14 - ???
Round 15 - ???
Round 16 - ???

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I went with Bad Apples. The songs that I don't think have aged well due to production are Bad Apples, Bad Obsession and Back Off Bitch, so they'll be my first few votes should each one get voted out.

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Just now, Stay.Of.Execution said:

Cause we are voting each album. Illusions = 2 albums

You will have the same result. Voting an UYI albums as one is just a bonus, so we will put together the best possible UYI album.

Never mind. That's just my opinion. We will have fun for sure.

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1 hour ago, We love Axl Rose said:

Bad Apples

It would be much better to vote UYI I and UYI II together. As I already wrote, we would put together the best UYI album and the results would stay the same. It would also be even more interesting.

Maybe after all albums are done, we should do another vote with the top 3 songs of each album. 

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I look forward to the next 15 days kicking off with blasting UYI.   Least favourite is an interesting concept, because it doesn’t necessarily mean the one you acknowledge as the worst song.  And what causes a song to be considered the least favourite.  I wont vote until I enjoy my morning coffee and tracks 1-16, but I sense i will be voting Bad Obsession.  Is it the worst song on album, probably not.  But everytime it comes up when listening/watching a live concert I always wonder why it was played so much.  So over exposure will cause my ‘least favourtie’ vote today.


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