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Rank The Songs on LIES

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LIES is my second favorite Gn'R record.. Some don't consider it an album but I do.  Many of the iconic albums of the 70's only had around 8 songs on them and LIES has 8 awesome ones \m/  I thought it would be fun to rank the songs from this collection of classic Gn'R songs that needs more love.  

One In A Million
You're Crazy
Reckless Life / Nice Boys  (dead even)
Used To Love Her
Mama Kin
Move To The City

What do you got?

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Best to Worst

1. Patience 

2. Move to the City

3. Reckless Life

4. Mama Kin

5. Used to Love Her

6. You’re Crazy

7. One in a Million 

8. Nice Boys

IDK why people don’t consider this a full album. It has some of their best songs. If people say it’s too short to be a full album then why is Led Zeppelin IV considered a full album (they have the same number of songs). Just like you said I think it is their 2nd best album.


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5 minutes ago, DieselDaisy said:

Conceptually it has rather been made redundant now, being included in the new Appetite on a extra disc. 

That's true, but they have also included some tracks from UYI I. 

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1. One In A Million

2. Patience

3. You're Crazy

4. Move To The City

5. Reckless Life

6. Nice Boys

7. Used To Love Her

8. Mama Kin


The acoustic version of MTTC would be #2 after OIAM and before Patience, but I see why they left it out as that verison sound more like The Doors (LA Woman era that is) than GNR. Come to think of it, they should make their own LA Woman type of album, now that would kick ass. ;)


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1. You're crazy

2. Patience 

3. One in a million

4. Reckless life

5. Nice boys

6. Mama kin

7. Used to love her

8. Move to the city


Acoustic version of move to the city would be #2. I think its great. Got a you're crazy kind of feel to it.

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Reckless Life

Nice Boys

Mama Kin


One in a Million

Used to love her

You're Crazy

Move to the city

(I far prefer the acoustic version on the recent appetite re-release) 

I always thought of it as an album, I played it as much as appetite before the illusions were released. 

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